Extremely Disappointed with Results.

I had fine lines and wrinkles on my face,...

I had fine lines and wrinkles on my face, especially around the eyes (Crow's Feet) and forehead (Frown Lines), loose eyelid skin, brown age spots, uneven skin tone and acne scars.

I had the Active FX procedure done in January, with high hopes. Unfortunately, it's now April and I see no improvement whatsoever. I still have the brown spots; in fact, I seem to have more than before the Active FX (like it brought some out that weren't visible before). The wrinkles are exactly the same, the acne scars are exactly the same, my skin tone is still uneven and my eyelid skin is still loose. Also, I experienced some extreme pain when I had my Active FX. My cheeks and forehead were not so painful but I had to be held down so I wouldn't move on the doctor when they did around my eyes and mouth. I try to always be an optomistic person and look at the bright side of things and so I hate to have to report this bad experience. The Doctors and their staff were very nice. But, I spent $2,000 and see no improvement at all.

I had the procedure done a month ago. My doctor said I would see a dramatic difference in my skin. I'm 29 years old. I have some chicken pox scars, some fine lines and a scar from stitches I had when I was 4 on my forehead I wanted addressed. I have no improvement also from this procedure except for the scar from the stitches isn't as hard as it once was. I also now have DEEP wrinkles all around my eyes. I'm freaking out about it! I also still have brown dots all over my face. I haven't peeled in weeks. I also have avoided the sun. They also told me it was dead skin which is a bunch of bull! I see Dr. Robbins on the 3rd. I'm fearing he is gonna tell me to fork over more money to fix it and I don't have more money to do that. My eyes are ruined. I now look like I'm 45 years old. I still have all of my fine lines and my best feature, my eyes, look like that of a Much older woman. I don't know what I'm gonna do??? :*(

A question for Laserdoc.First,thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions on what I am sure is a very busy schedule.I am a 51 year old male who had the ActiveFx treatment done on my upper and lower eye lids.The attending physician held eye protection over my eyes during the procedure.It has been 10 days now since my treatment.My concern is that since the treatment my vision has been very blurred.At first I thought that it was due to the swelling,but since the swelling has subsided,the blurred vision is still there to the point that I have a constant headache.
Will my vision return to normal or am I experiencing a more serious problem.Thank you very much.

Hi. I just found this site and would like to ad my experience. I had 3 Titan procedures and a active fx full face. I started this in Dec of last year and to date 11-01-09 the only improvement is smoother skin. I still have the sagging and wrinkles that I was assured would lessen by 60% accouding to my consulant.. this cost 3800.00 I am so dissapointed at times I cry.. and my down time for the fx treatment was over 2 weeks, my face was swollen, peeled and smelled like dead skin, my husband could hardly be near me.. would I do this again??? NOPE !!!
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