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I had Active FX on a Friday on my face and neck,...

I had Active FX on a Friday on my face and neck, and the swelling went up and started to go down on Friday night. The swelling was ending on Saturday and started to itch and I peeled on Sunday. On Monday, I was back to normal, but slightly blotchy and stayed home.

The doc says that men heal faster, and I'm a really fast healer. He also told me that he zapped me at a high fluence because I asked him to be aggressive. He told me that I would need a second treatment in about 6 months and I'm going to ask him to be even more aggressive. The worst part was wearing the Aquaphor because it has a nasty almost musky smell. 

I went to work on Tuesday and had to keep applying a lot of moisutirzer to keep my skin from drying out. My skin seems supple and bright, and maybe a little tighter but it's probably too early to tell. My skin was very good to start so the improvement might be tougher to see.

I'm using an antioxidant skin spray to stay hydrated and lots of sunscreen and I eat really healthy.

I'll keep you posted.

My skin continues to get softer and the skin is...

My skin continues to get softer and the skin is firmer. There are still some areas and lines that need some more lasering next time. The doc explained that it's better to break up the laser dose into two or more sessions because the skin is able to heal better than if it got a full strength old school CO2 blast.

I'm pleased and continue to keep it moist at night and eat well so that the collagen regenerates well. I plan to have another Active FX in January and plan to have a maintenance treatment once a year after that.

I had my second Active FX on Friday. The doc is...

I had my second Active FX on Friday. The doc is great, and I told him I was looking to reduce forehead lines, lines on my neck, and my nasolabial folds rather than the just fixing general post-acne damage, an old scar, and texture the first time 3 months ago.

The doctor upped the fluence on the laser this time because I did great last time and could tolerate a higher fluence. I had treatment on Friday and returned to work on Tuesday with a small degree of pinkness to my skin. My skin is tight and much younger looking. I am having to moisturize the skin every few hours.

I am planning to have an Active FX treatment every year from now on to just maintain what I have. I would recommend my doctor to anyone and he can formulate a unique laser treatment plan to suit everyone's specific needs. 


Dr. deBias

Awesome Doctor

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Hi, can you please post an update to let us know if the treatment was really worth it, now after 2 years ?
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At Christmas someone commented on how great my skin looked and how tight my jawline was. I think sometimes because you see yourself everyday you can't see the mprovements because they happen overtime.
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I went to the same Dr.yesterday and had Active FX on my face and neck. The procedure didn't hurt at all and my face is really not that red today ( 1 day later) I am hoping the Dr. aggressive enough. My eyes are swollen and my neck is the only thing really red. I have no brown spots yet so I am wondering if the laser was strong enough? Any comments
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I think my neck skin is about how half the size it was before, which ia pretty amazing reduction in turkey neck. You know how when you lower your chin to your chest there is some extra skin. I'm going in for another treatment in Januaray, and I am going to ask the doc to try and tighten my cheek and nasolabial fold area that I still think has too much slack in it. My skin also feel softer. From time to time, my skin drinks moisturizer, and sometimes crows feet appear under my eye appears when my skin gets dry. I still don't have the final result, but its definitely improving.
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Congratulations! Please keep us posted on your improvement. THanks for sharing!
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My neck and jaw are definitely tighter and some of the lines in my forehead are softer. I still see some fine lines around my eyes under side lighting. My skin is shinier and softer. I think I will see more improvement in a couple of weeks.
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