Active FX - Had a Great Exerience & No Pain at All

The picture below was taken 36 hours after I had...

The picture below was taken 36 hours after I had the Active FX on my face, neck and chest. The procuedure was not painful at all - sleeping last night was a little uncomfortable. I thought that the procedure was very easy - my doctor numbed the areas first with a strong lidocaine and then administered a shot of demerol. I was very relaxed.

My face has been weeping some since yesterday - I am cleaning with cetaphil and warm water two or three times a day - it is REALLY important not to let the areas dry out so I am applying Aquaphor after I rinse.

For comfort, I am also taking 1600 mg of Ibuprofen (800 mg tabs) to reduce the swelling and it is working really well. My chest feels like I got a mild sunburn and nothing more. A lil itchy here and there but not enough to make me want to scratch it. . .I can tell that the fine lines around my eyes are already gone and the parenthesis around my mouth will be softened.

I had a lower facelift one year ago and this is the final step in peeling back 10 yrs off my age. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is realistic and not too far gone - if you need a facelift go get one - the lifestyle lift is another easy, low downtime, procedure.

Don't waste money on Thermage - it does not work. . . just ask me, I have done one of everything!!!!

:) Michell

Encinitas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have been to this office for many procedures and they are honest, fairly priced, and care about recommending the right procedure for the desired results.

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Hi, can you please post an update, of 1,5 years after the treatment, to let us know if the treatment was really worth it ?
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I agree I would love to see before and after photos. Because this doctor ripped me off!
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Does the FX laser do anything for tightening the neck area?
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I'm on day 4. The swelling is just starting to go down. I'll be surprised if I can go out by 8 days. Two weeks seems more likely. The peeling is just starting and my face is all distorted from swelling and tight cracking skin.
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I was completely healed & peeled in five days.
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Do you have any pictures taken on day's 3 or 4? How much had the swelling gone down by the fourth day?
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