Dont over Pay

The main reason i am writing this is bc. So many...

The main reason i am writing this is bc. So many people over paid. I paid 1350.00 In Bucks Pa. Also the next treatments drop to 700.00. Dont get ripped off. :)
I woke up today swollen and red. I am sure it will get better as I go though.


I had this Active fx yesterday evening. I already wrote that I paid 1350.00.
Today I was swollen and red. I want to recommend zoxecma to clean your skin, then 100%
Lanolin after it. It made a huge difference. Oh and 3 Advil. LOL
I look like I am wearing a shiny peel off mask. I still cant tell if it was worth it or not.


I had my Active Fx treatment in Doylestown Pa on 12/18/08. Today, (12/21) my face is red and peeling. How long after the treatment do you see results. So far I see none.
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I had fraxel done pittsburgh it was 3,600 for 4 treatments .A Doctor performed it.Anyone else had fraxel done in pittsburgh and if so how much and what were the results ?
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I have scheduled for early May '08 one treatment of Active FX at a medspa in Pasadena CA. I will be taking antibiotics to prevent cold sores and must do a two week treatment of skin-lightening cream in advance. It's $3,000 for face and neck for one treatment. What is accomplished -- other than the sloughing off of dollars -- in one treatment at this price if others are doing 4 treatments for about the same price? Thankas for feedback.
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