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Active FX Also Ruined my Skin

I had done my active FX at 10th dec 08 , so it's...

i had done my active FX at 10th dec 08 , so it's already more than 2 months . my skin still cannot recover and getting worse . there was not even improve my acne scar and it seems like more scar day by day . the most terrible thing - i had dark spots all over my face . i'm asian and the doctor told it's called hyperpigmentation from active FX . my doctor told me it'll fade but he didn't know when ???? he provided me diamondtome wand treatment for free , but it seems nothing change at all .

i'm so upset because i have to wear heavily make up everyday and it still cannot cover my dark spot . my skin was ok before and only had some ance scar only , but now my skin looks like a old lady with aging spots all over the face . would anyone have same experience and give me some suggestion ? thank you very much !

If you look worse than before the procedure you should get your money back... But they won't offer unless you ask.. At a minimum they should follow up, fix it or offer a treatment that will give you the results agreed upon within reason If they won’t do either. Ask for your money back in a short letter... Tell them you are going to file a complaint with the better business bureau in 2 weeks if you can’t reach a compromise. Include the date you would like their response by,,, the letter you intend to send to the BBB explaining your experience… What was promised/stated and any advertising or information you were given….What you actually received and the amount of money you spent.. Be reasonable with what you expected.. Some things aren’t possible but if you expected and were told you could expect anywhere from 15-50% improvement and your pics show 0 or negative…You should be compensated with a treatment that will give you at least 15% improvement or your money back… I don’t know why we don’t do this more or expect it? We spend too much money to not expect higher standards from these procedures or products that promise the moon… The standard will remain low. The advertising and promises deceiving and more unqualified providers will offer procedures that don’t work or cause damage… Agree on a minimum expectation from the start…. Results vary but how much? It’s always a good idea to ask what’s the worst that can happen? What will you do if it happens? Whats the minimum percentage of improvement I should expect? What percentage have you experienced with others similar to me??….
I't important that we report our experiences doctors go online to see what reports are filed before they decide to purchase a laser.. That or they take a salepersons word.. My doctor told me yesterday that the manufactures don't have to report unless the laser has special provisions or someone dies... These lasers do not... So ladies it's up to us to help them out and spare others. Once they buy the laser...They almost have to use it to pay for it regardless.... Us girls need to stick together and stand up for our right to know the truth about these procedures our doctors are prescribing us..It is a prescription.. It's beyond me how the manufacture isn't required to report adverse events. It takes five min tops and you can help make sure others have the opportunity decide if they want to do it based on facts not Marketing Hype The FDA needs to advertise this so defective or dangerous products are taken off the market...I had no idea before another on this site told me... I guess their donations would dry up if they advertised that we have this option.. It should be on every consent form for a device in BOLD signed at least 3 days before the procedure..It takes longer than three days to get a appointment...The only reason they don't is to hide the risks... https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/medwatch-online.htm Ask for your money back and file the report If they won't give your money back tell them you are going to file a complaint in three days... Look online for your local better business bureau and call or file online… It’s important we make each other aware of the risks because they are not doing it....
I will, thank you for the info. It's odd how the doctor is not willing to try to see why my procedure did not work, or even perform it again. My colleagues at work, who are about my age, are following my face with me!! I work at a very large company. I also work very close to this doctor's office. He is losing many potential clients; either they are looking into other providers, or they are deciding against any procedure. I guess he doesn't care.With so many baby boomers I imagine there are many patients out there! Why should he spend time on one, when the next is right there?! However, in my case, as I said, many in my area will not go to this doctor.
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