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Active and Total FX Was No Problem, Easy and I'm Ready to Do It Again

On Friday 12/12 I had Active FX all over my face...

On Friday 12/12 I had Active FX all over my face and Total FX on the lower half of my face, neck and chest. It was painful but not terrible with numbing cream Valium and Vicodin on board.

I have light eyes and hair and fair to medium skin and had the expected swelling, pinpoint bleeding, and redness followed by brown spots which are all resolving nicely with just Aquaphor and Vinegar wash 2x/day. I also didn't touch my face except for washing it, and rested for a day or two with ice.

Its now Tuesday (my 4th day) and I have been out (with big sunglasses, huge hat, Skinceuticals Laser Balm and Colorscience on my face) a couple of times today and know I don't look fantastic but also know I am not scary (my 2.5 year old hasn't run to the corner screaming yet).

I requested my doctor be conservative with the settings mostly because I was nervous about how I would react to the procedure but I healed quickly and am ready to do it again as soon as appropriate.

HI I had total fx done on my face neck and chest on wednesday. Its saturday and I'm still a mess!! swollen..red.very uncomfortable!!! blotchy on my chest!! did you have this?? and did i mention itchy!!! ouch!
How is it now? I wanted my Dr. to do neck and he said I did not need it there. I regret that. I am 3 days post and am so itchy I can't stand it.
looking for best doctor with laser experience in no California for facial resurfacing! thanks
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