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I had a series of six full face fraxel treatments...

I had a series of six full face fraxel treatments about a year ago with the Fraxel 1 machine. I had mild (tiny but deep) ice pick scarring from acne on my nose and cheeks. At 46, the additive effect of sun damage (bigger pores, a little pigmentation, and thicker skin) and the existing scarring was really starting to look noticeable, even with makeup. Each session was 6 passes and I would say the last two passes were quite painful - especially in the forehead area. The physician did the first and last treatment. A physician's assistant did the middle four. The recovery time was about 3 days of looking mildly pink and puffy after all of the sessions but the last. (The first day or two after there are still significant traces of blue dye that I was reluctant to scrub off - it was more the smurf look than redness that kept me in.) Each session increased intensity. I went every 3 or 4 weeks depending on my schedule. By the third session I was seeing improvements. On the last session my doctor and I agreed that I was tolerating them well and we really turned up the energy which cause a great deal of swelling and redness and mild oozing which did not resolve for 5 - 6 days. (If each session had been like the last it would have been a nightmare.)

But the results, while not perfection are a very good improvement in the scarring, excellent healthy skin texture, excellent pigmentation (and yes, spf 45 for me every day now) Bonus: my mild crows feet and undereye wrinkles are gone. I also think it was mildly tightening. I am very glad that I did it. It was well worth the money and short term pain. It did feel like a real commitment due to the repetition and down time. I have had strangers walk up to me in the street and ask what I use on my skin. My husband says he thinks it took off about 7-10 years. I am considering treating my neck which is looking crepey, especially next to my porcelain chin and jaw line. My question is whether I would get additional benefit on the lingering scarring or if my scars are as improved as they can be.

What% of improvement would you say your scars got?
The little shallow ones - the ones that looked like big pores without a magnifying mirror - are basically gone, so 85-95%? The 5 deeper ones that are undoubtedly little scars maybe 50%? Mostly I dont wear foundation, but when I really want to look perfect, I use a little foundation brush and cover them. With consistent retinoid and suncreen use, the texture and the pigmentation improvements have held up. I remain very happy about my decision although I probably should have gone for the neck, too.
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The doctor was very open and honest about what the procedure would entail and I fully understood that 100% resolution of the scarring would not be likely. But the improvement in the scars exceeded my expectations and overall effect is very positive.

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