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I'm only 37 but in the past year or so have...

I'm only 37 but in the past year or so have noticed the very real beginnings of "turkey neck". Yikes! I went to a med spa thinking maybe I should have SmartLipo, but the saleswoman recommended Accent XL instead. A great suggestion, although I didn't go back there because they wanted to lock me into a package and were changing $500 PER treatment. I didn't like the place so I found a real cosmetic surgery office that performs the procedure at half the price (and probably spent double the time on me).

Anyway, this treatment is absolutely amazing. I had been unhappy whenever I looked in the mirror and saw those new folds, bulges and sags that changed my appearance so drastically (to my eye anyway). When I looked into the same mirror at home after the treatment, these signs of aging were almost gone. I still have a tiny bit left that can be worked on so I'm going back for one more I think more than one treatment might help to "lock in" the results. Everyone says 4-8 treatments are "necessary" but I'm really thrilled with this one time.

What she did was my "lower face", meaning below the cheekbones, under the chin and the neck. I should let you know that I'm not really overweight...5'6" and 126 lbs. I was a very good candidate because I'm not too old and caught this "problem" in it's beginning. I'm sorry that I didn't take any "before" pics.

I might do the top half of my face...will consult with the aesthetician. Also might do under my arms if this is appropriate.

Update: Just had a second treatment. The...

Update: Just had a second treatment. The incredible results of my first treatment did wear off a little bit, because some of that effect was due to the "surface" portion of the treatment (performed at the very end), but I would say my "issues" were still half resolved and would supposedly continue to get better with time, so I went back today for a second and hopefully final treatment. One reason I'm sure it's worked out so well is that the aesthetician spent 40 minutes, as opposed to 10 minutes like some reviewers have shared! I've listed the name of the office in the appropriate section...I really recommend. I'll post back in a few months to confirm that the effect has lasted, but I have a good feeling about it.

New England Cosmetic Surgery (formerly The New England Vein and Lipo Center)

professionalism, price, results

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Where are the accent xl clinics located near Cleveland, OH?
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I had considered Accent XL for my slight double chin (which I have always had even though I'm thin)once aging began to have a sagging effect. Instead I had tumescent lipo, and the result was perfect (and permanent).
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I have had 5 treatments of Accent XL under my chin and so far it still looks the same. I drink water all day long, so hydration is not the issue in my case.
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Sunshine - Did you have all 6 treatments, and how did it turn out? Does there seem to be any permanence to your results?
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Tonight I went for my first treatment with the Alma Accent XL Laser. I have always had a sort of double chin but with a bit of weight gain it was so embarrassing to me that I didn't even want my picture taken. So the area I had worked on was my neck and under chin area. A lot of people had said it is uncomfortable but all I can think is that the person working on them didn't know what they were doing. The gal that did mine is licensed (not of dx) but it did not hurt a bit. I had a friend watching while it was being done and she mentioned that she thought she could actually see some changes taking place while I was having the procedure! As of right now, I'm pretty happy with it and I'm completely excited to be able to go back for my next treatment in a week or so. Hopefully after my 6 treatment package, I will be happy with facial pictures once again. I will add to my progress in the coming weeks. If anyone is interested, this laser was featured on the TV show The Doctors. Go to UTube and check it out!
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