Accent Laser a Scam

I am 39 years old, 155cm tall and weigh 50kg. I...

I am 39 years old, 155cm tall and weigh 50kg. I have fat around my belly and abdomen even though I am thin. I was told I was a "perfect" candidate for Accent treatments as my problem was very localised fat.

The treatments each lasted about half an hour, with a fair amount of heat, but no pain. After 8 treatments over 6 months, I have seen ABSOLUTELY no difference. As for claims of "body sculpting", what a joke. My before and after measurements confirm no change-not matter how hard the consultants tried to insist otherwise.

Save your money. Better yet, go to a gym, eat healthy and be happy with the way you look.

Fat Zap

Not doctors-young girls trained in equipment use only. Little more than beauticians using medical grade equipment.

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I tried this too and I saw no change after 6 treatments on my thighs. I too was told I was a good candidate and that they could zap the fat away with no pain. Well for me it hurt alot - like someone was burning my legs. I kept saying 'ouch, hot!'. I switched to VelaShape and I lost 7cms on the thighs. It was a bit more aggressive so I did brusie but who cares, it worked.
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