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Well, I feel like I've waited a lifetime. Both...

Well, I feel like I've waited a lifetime. Both children are adults (son just entered first year of college, daughter 25) now so I can splurge on myself. I don't remember ever wearing a bikini so I'm super excited to do that! I have 67 long days left. I'm contemplating moving the date up. I'm so ready! I can't express my appreciation of your stories! Of course there is so much joy and excitement, yet fear! Your stories help me. Everything I do in my spare time is centered on thus surgery! I'm excited!


I share in your excitement. My baby is 23 years old and I have wanted this procedure for the past 15 years. I am sooooooooooooo pleased with my results and I am just 20 DPO and still swollen. Check out my pictures. I have never worn a bikini but I will be wearing one this summer. I CANT WAIT!!!! Good Luck.
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OMG!!! I'm so happy for you! That's awesome! Its nice to hear from someone with similar background. Did you lipo as well? I keep reading that the pain from lipo is almost worst that the actual TT.
Yes I had lipo with my TT. My lipo spots hurtttttt. They are the cause of most of my pain.

Trying to understand everything...

Ladies on the flat side,
Is the walker support for trying to get around? Those that didn't get the walker, do you wish that you had? Also, did anyone fear that there wasn't enough skin to close the wound after you've been cut open....when I tug and try to imagine where the incision will be, I'm just not so sure. Does the lipo help that much with the skin. Just trying to put it all together in my head.


Good luck!!!
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Keep your eye on the prize!

So I put on my work out clothes and passed by the mirror...OMG, I can't wait for my TT date! ugh!!! I'm really not happy with what I see in the mirror. When I feel my nerves rising up and my fear trying to talk me out of the plan, I'll just look at these pictures. Can you see the difference with me sucking my tummy in so hard that I feel Like I'm going to pass out! LOL, I had to do that to stay motivated and move forward with the plan...Counting down...35 more days. Does anyone know how I can update my surgery date??? Its been moved up to May 31st.


Hi Msmonim... if you want to update your surgery date, go to your profile page and get your review up and right beside the heading of your review (to the right of it) there's an "edit" link... click it and you can change the date there. :) Good luck on May 31st!
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When is your surgery Msmonim?
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My date will be some time in the month of May. Initially it was June21st, but I have to travel back home (US) in mid July. I want as much time as possible to heal. Currently I am living and working overseas. I need to check on my son (first year in college and having too much fun). As soon as I find out I will post it. On a different note, the results to my ultra sound came back with excess air in my upper abdomen. They want me to see a gastrointestinal specialist first. I'm glad they're extra safe... But I've always had issues with gas...dairy products etc...

Just got a call from the Dr. They moved up the date!

So I go in for my MR, Lipo, and TT on the 24th! I am still a bit nervous, but...I've waited all my life, or at least it feels like it. You ladies keep me motivated! I think what makes me more comfortable then ever is that SOOOO MANY people get this procedure now...it almost like getting a tooth pulled! Seriously, imagine how many people that haven't discovered this website! And our sisters here are going in everyday it seems like. So basically, its like a "common" procedure....Does it sound like I'm still trying to convince myself...lol


Your going to do great!! I'm excited for you! :-). Your surgery date is just around the corner!!!!!
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Thanks ladies! Sincerely!!! Thank you for sharing and motivating. Its truly an extended family!
Yay for the 24th! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Two days to go

So I'm almost on the flat side! I added just a couple more photos for comparison afterwards. I'm far away from home so you ladies are like the closest thing to me. Plus, you understand what I'm going through and WHY I'm choosing to go through this. No one is really "happy" for me...well my 25 year old daughter because I'm sure she will also have some work done. Anyway, thanks for words of encouragement and keep me in your prayers....


Prayers sent up! Keep us posted pleade.
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Good luck Sweety! You will be fine. Make sure you take your meds as prescribed. 2 more days!! Keep us posted.
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Final hours pre-op

Ok ladies, I'm less than 24 hours from checking into the hospital. Keep me in prayer. Don't think I'm nervous. Just want to get it done. My best friend is here with me. But she has to go home tomorrow. I don't have any children to look after, it's just me. I plan to get lots of rest, of course with several little walks around my apartment in between....deep breaths....deep breaths


Many blessing doll, your gonna look great.
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Made it!

I'm here! Everything went well. Pain is minimal. I get injections every 6 hours or so and intravenous pain relief also. I do have the Burning at the incision. Pretty intense. Haven't seen my belly yet. I go home tomorrow. I get my drains out before I go.

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2days post op

I've tried to update a couple times nit sure what's going on. This is two days post op. Minimal pain.

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