2 Months Post Op - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I was a 36g/gg (uk) and was getting more and more...

I was a 36g/gg (uk) and was getting more and more irritated with lugging them around. Finding clothes to fit was a nightmare, I had constant pains in my shoulders and HATED having my photo taken - somtimes my boobs looked bigger than my head! I was also sick of people making little "jokes" about the size of my breasts - people meant no harm or malice, but i ws sick of being identified by having big knockers.
I moved out to Abu Dhabi this summer and decided to take the plunge once and for all. Finally had the op on the 18th December - my mum flew out from England to look after me.
the op: I am a bit of a baby when itcomes to medical stuff. Getting the IV was oe of the worst things! I do remember coming round after op and thanking everyone in the room for "all the lovely wine".....and then swearing and saying " what the **** am I going on about " nd tghen laughing. Mortified!!! Stayed overnight in hospital, and then came home the next day. was tired, but surprisingly pain free.
2 weeks post op: Feeling very "stingy" - my nipples are sensitive, I am always itchy and I have a pain in my right breast. Hopefully that is all signs of healing....hopefully??! I still have the steri strips and will be seeing the surgeon on saturday 5th for second post op appointment. At first post op (five days after surgery) she seemed pleased with how I was getting on. Just feels odd that the pain is developing now rather than earlier....any thoughts guys?? Normal>!!?? Other than that, i am doing ok. Just seem to tire easily.
Will update soon!


You are looking fantastic!!!

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Wow, your "after" breasts look like they're already 4 months in to healing based on the shape. Normally they're very boxy fresh out of surgery. Very nice!
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thanks tall lady.....i am pleased with the results so far!! am hoping that if i have got this far with no probs, i should be ok. touch wood. x

So tomorrow I go back to surgeon for a follow up.....

So tomorrow I go back to surgeon for a follow up....am nervous! I am hoping my steri strips will come off and everything will be tickety boo, but at the same time feel like the steri strips are "keeping them together"!. Tomorrow Iwill be 17 days post op. the itching comes and goes, but sometimes it feels relentless! The pain is still there, but just localised really. Incisions sting and nipples sting too!! Bought myself 3 genie bras and they are so much more comfortable...I bought them in a dress size 18 (uk) and I was wearing a dress size 16 on top before I had boobs done.... I would be happy if I could fit into a dress size 14 now, but the 18 br is comfortable! Will update tomorrow and let you all know what happens. xx


thanks kimmers!

Well today I went to see the surgeon. She removed...

well today I went to see the surgeon. She removed all the steri strips, picked off a few scabs, cleaned me up and sent me on my way. She said she was happy with how I was healing and no problems. However, when I came home i had a look and had a cry! It all looks so neat and tidy with the strips on - now there is bleeding and I have notice a lot of puckering and my nipples look misshapen. The anchor scars look puffed and pulled. I quickly redid my bra and had a boo hoo. Am not feeling so positive today..... :-( Cant bear to look again....god knows how I will shower tomorrow and apply the antibacterial gel she has given me.... the thought of toching those wounds makes me feel sick. Will post a photo on a few days when I have calmed down!!


Take it from me,what happened is sooooo normal! I didnt even want to look when the dr took mine off and said i should take a look at my new breasts. My friend had to take my bra off for me and put it back on for a week when i took a bath and i almost fainted the first 2 weeks when i had to clean the incisions. Every time! And i am a girl who can look at pictures of a decomposing corpse with no problem( I studied Criminology). Dont worry! It will pass. I examined every mm of my breasts 20 times a day after the stitches came out at 10 days. Is that redder than an hour before? Is that wound opening? Is that leakage and infection?? I drove myself insane. Then i decided to listen to my dr who said everything was fine and normal and i just relaxed and let go. I am at 6 wks post op now and i STILL hve scabs where my drains were. My T zones were open until 4 weeks, the scabs only fell off last week. Once again: what you are feeling is perfectly normal. But you need to just let your body do its healing and be patient. Make sure you get enough Vit C,dont overdo things physically,get plenty of rest and let go. Your pics look beautiful,btw. The dr did an amazing job. I recently had a look at my friends breasts a year after her surgery and the scars are so thin and white,you dont even see them the puckering and redness are just part of healing. Take care and i know when you look back in a few weeks time,you will also think its the best thing you have ever done!
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I'm sorry!! They do look great though!! It's a process Im sure!! I get mine done on Monday and I'm sure I'll need some words of encouragement along the way too....so keep getting your feeling out here!! Lay low and try to rest :)
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Just keep thinking positive. Its only a few minutes a day you have to look at them. Then put on some old shirts or new shirts afterwards and see the difference!
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I keep trying to upload new photos, but it does...

I keep trying to upload new photos, but it does not seem to be happening!

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Finally worked out how to uplioad new photos!!...

Finally worked out how to uplioad new photos!! Tomorrow will be three weeks post op. I keep getting people to have a look at my scars....am such a baby. Luckily I have very good friends who are not disturbed by me shoving my boobs in their faces every 5 minutes.
I think everything is "ok"....ish. Started back at work yesterday; a bit nerve wracking and forgot how much running around after 6 year old "lively|" boys can tire you out....even stretching up to write on the board, or staple stuff was kind of ...ouch! Went out to the shops today and got a couple of OWWWWWW stabbing pains....
I am pleased with the shape of my breasts, just very anxious regarding the healing. At the moment i am alternating between surgical bra and genie bra. Am using fucidin gel and putting gauze in my bra. Fingers crossed all goes well.....


Jenny - You look AMAZING!
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Oh, and the whole "can't look at or touch scars" thing - I get it. It's totally different when those scars are on your own body! I had a reaction to the steri strips where I was so itchy i couldn't sleep, even taking Benedryl and pain meds. I took my own steri strips off at 12 days post op and I was nauseous the entire time; I felt like my incisions were going to open up and I'd have breast tissue and nipples all over the bathroom! It didn't though ;-)
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Your results are amazing! They look fantastic. I think sometimes the doctors overlook how paranoid we are going to be about healing, and forget we haven't been through this a hundred times before like they have. Then we come off like the crazy people with out hundreds of questions! I had a similar experience waking up from surgery, and embarrassing myself. I was in recovery for 4.5 hours, because the hospital did not have any beds available for me. Now, typically you will only be in recovery an hour or so and you are so out of it you barely talk... But man I was wide awake and a chatter box!!! They don't allow guests back in recovery but they decided to let my husband back there because I was trying to talk to anyone and everyone... I think they were disappointed he only stayed for 5 minutes or so. Lol!!
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Thanks for the kind messages folks. Feeling a bit...

Thanks for the kind messages folks. Feeling a bit rubbish today. Have just had my first week back teaching at school, and am wondering of this is why I am feeling so crappy.. The pain along the incisions on my right breast as been pretty excruciting at times, There is redness at the t junction scars and also some weeping. some of the incision line is very raised and lumpy. It is funny- I have never been through this before so have no idea what is normal/what is not normal. i think i was lucky in that the first couple of weeks were pretty much a walk in the park.... I kind of wish I still had my steri strips on because they made me feel secure, and now it feels like things are falling apart!! Anyway - I have booked to go and see my surgeon on saturday, if only to put my mind at rest. Putting on the fucidin antibiotic ointment religiously, and gauze. Came home and slept - am done in! will post more photos in a few days. I am kind of thinking - well, everything is rectifiable, and I do trust my surgeon. On a positive note, i still do not regret my decision to have the op, as I love the shape and not having the big jugs anymore. Just want to heal and get over this blip.


Hey there, we had our surgeries on the same day and this is my first full week back to work as well. I worked a couple of short days last week, but this week back full time. I too have not been up to snuff this week, but I think it's just that three week blues to tell you the truth. I started stressing and fretting over nonsense a couple of days ago and really got myself down in the dumps. I feel there are times when I could really cut loose and bawl my eyes out. I know this is normal though and that's what gets me through it. In a week or two I'll be fine. Chin up girl, you look great!
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Thanks Bella x
Thanks baby deer. unfortunately my incisions ARE opening up....just a little! bleuuuugh. Am hoping all will work out....

Just over 3 weeks post op-off to see surgeon today...

just over 3 weeks post op-off to see surgeon today. have developed a painful wound opening which i can hardly bear to look at.... has this happened to anyone else???! feeling might sorry for myself. it will heal, right??!


Not open yet, but the right t spot is developing a scrap like it is open inside. Out of nowhere!
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You look fantastic! Brilliant size and shape. The scars look they are healing well. It amazing how emotional this process is. There have been lots of ups and downs. Igot my steri strips off on Monday 17 days after. I wanted to keep them on but the nurse said they were ready to come off. It took a few days but they feel okay! You look fantastic
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Back to surgeon today - i have two openings, but...

back to surgeon today - i have two openings, but she was not unduly worried. she picked a bit and cleaned me up and told me i was overdoing the fucidin ointment (i was trwelling it on lol)... she reapplied steristrips and told me to keep everything dry. Feel a wee bit better as my mind is at rest but the opening on the left breast is extreeeeeeeemely painful!!!


You look awesome! Very nice shaped and not body at all. Hoping for recovery for your wound opening. I have yet to have this happen and am praying that it doesn't. Take care!
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Oops, meant "boxy". Stupid auto correct :-)
thanks lucy. yes, having a hole in your breast is not fun....but it will heal! x

Hey all.Now nearly 3 months post op. Have been up...

hey all.Now nearly 3 months post op. Have been up and down a little, and the incision under my left breast onlystoppedleaking last week!! breasts till feel a bit tender, but am pretty pleased overall. Please feel freetoask me any questions and I will help in any way i can!!


You look great!! Happy 3 month anniversary!!
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Hey, we had our surgeries one day apart (I was on the 19th) and I was figuring I was only 2 months out or 8 weeks. Am I wrong? If I'm right then that would be perfectly normal for you to still have boob soreness. As far as that goes it would be perfectly normal to be sore at three months too, it's perfectly normal no matter what....lol.
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Thank for sharing ur story. You look amazing -your size and shape is exactly what I hope for. Best wishes to you :)
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Firstly,thanks so much for the comments!Secondly,...

Firstly,thanks so much for the comments!Secondly, I AM 2 MONTHS post op and not 3 as i stated....do not know what I was thinking! :-) Had breast reduction 18th december. x


Hi Jenny, do you have the contact details for this surgeon, I have recently moved to Abu Dhabi.
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thanks...made a mistake...am two months post op!!!:-)
Oh Bebe!!!I am going mad!!!! Yes yes yes...two months post op...have had to change it lol!!! you are quite right! :-)
Abeer Sawwaf

I saw a few surgeons out here in Abu Dhabi and she was the one I felt most comfortable with. She is straight forward and upfront and answered all of my questions. I am a fairly anxious and overly cautious person, and my one (tiny!) gripe would be that i felt she could have offered more information re post op care, rather than me having to ask all the questions. But other than that, highly recommended.

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