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Went to local fig office, very 'posh' signed up...

Went to local fig office, very 'posh' signed up far too quick because they led me to believe that if I was not completely satisfied or had any medical issues with the procedure that I would get a full money back refund. Told me to sign, which ormally I am pretty good about reading the small print, but because they told me that all I needed was a doctors letter if I experienced any problems, I went ahead. Oh my gosh. it was one of the worst thing I could have imagined!! My first appointment was injections (about 14 or them in my lower abdomen, (oh and by the way they said I was a perfect candidate, not being overweight as such, just needed some help around the middle, lower/upper abs and love handles). Within minutes after the injections I had the most intense burning, within 30 minutes red welts all over the injection site, within 2 hours, I looked like I was about 7 months pregnant, and the pain was horrific, they gave me tylenol, didn't touch it!! It took 5 days for the swelling to go down, I had to take 2 days off work, couldn't fit into my clothes and nausea and migraine headaches, something I have not sufferred with before. The injection sites were painful and itching all at the same time. 2 weeks after the treatment I still fel so uncomfortable, I went in for consultations and they told me that this was normal, which is strange as their publicity states minimal pain, slight swelling and no downtime...really....I agreed to do the 2nd course of injections, this time to lower and upper abs and love handles, 40cc of stuff injected. I went straight to the grocery store, bought 3 bags of frozen peas, unzipped my jeans and placed them on my ballooning and painfull mid section and again could not go to work for 2 days. Went to see my doctor, go a letter from him stating my allergic reaction and that I should not receive any further treatment. Now they tell me that they will not refund my $6000.00, yes folks, 6K. Actually it is with their 'medical review board' what in goodness name is that, they aren't even FDA approved!! I may get a refund in 60-90 days. They are con merchants. Please beware, it is an awful procedure. To add insult to injury, I have seen any change in my shape at all


I'm sorry for your experience, but I just want to say several things to you about what you might have done differently. I just had the injections 2 days ago, so I am not sure how it will turn out, but I will say that the pain was very minimal and the swelling went down in less than 48 hours. You said you took Tylenol and used frozen peas to help with pain and swelling. I was told to absolutely NOT take any pain relievers, because this will interfere with the inflammatory process. This process must occur for positive results to take place. Did the center that you went to advise you of this?
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Hi! I too am going to the Woodlands location. I have been suckered in this and now I just want my money back! I have went 4 times and see no results. I exercise and eat right daily but still have a lower ab fat and love handles! They also said I was the perfect candidate, what bull!! can you please email me if you have any info about how to get a refund? I am going to call them tomorrow and try to start the process. I heard it has to be under a certain amount of days to get the refund. Do you know if this is true? Thanks, Michele
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I have an appointment to start the program on Tuesday after liposuction a year ago left me lumpy and gross. Accidentally stumbling across this site has scared me. I am interested in hearing more about your experience before I throw money away that I don't really have especially after already having surgery. Thanks!
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