90 Days Post-op Abs and Flanks. Slow Progress and Still Sore - King of Prussia, PA

I'm a healthy white male. This was my 50th...

I'm a healthy white male. This was my 50th birthday gift to myself. I know it's still too early to know the results but they kept telling me I'd be back to work in 2 days. Yeah, I can work, but it's uncomfortable as hell.

I did see immediate results the next day. I probably gained a few pounds, probably from swelling, but all in all I'm 9 pounds lighter than pre-surgery. I'm nowhere near where I hope to be when this is all over but I have faith it's going to turn out fine.

My only two complaints are the persistent soreness of my entire abdomen and, when I go for my follow-up visits, I never get to see a doctor.


You used the same doctor I did. I totally agree with your opinion on the her. She was very thorough with her examination and was extremely kind during the procedure. She assured me she would do an awesome job because she would "work on" me the way she would want to be worked on herself. I went for a follow up yesterday - this means it was 10 days post for my arms and bra fat and only 5 days post for abs & flanks. The nurse said I was healing great but I also wish I was seen by the doctor herself. I am still very sore in the abs and hip area and even the arms but nothing I can't handle. I wear my garment all day except for maybe 30 minutes just to get a "break". I can see a difference even with the swelling, it's just hard for me to picture the end result right now. I didn't take any before pictures myself but wish I had. I can only go by what's in my file at the doctors office; which I aked a copy for, of course. Well, I'll keep updating my progess. Good luck to everyone too!

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oh i forgot my husband also had his flanks done and they look awesome!
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well my husband had his tummy done also and it looked about like yours and he just turned 50 in march and had his done in December. He too looked great the day after but then after the swelling he didnt look so great anymore. he has gained a few pounds though and is now trying to lose ten pounds per dr.s orders before he will do it again with no charge. he looks greeat comepared to before dont get me wrong but we had expected alot more. he had also gotten his chest done and that does look better but not as good as we had hoped either. our dr. is great though! he is willing to re-touch both areas at no extra cost. my husband did have a lot to work with so i dont blame our dr. i am just saying you start out with what you have and dont expect a miralce. maybe your dr. will do some extra work for you too if you are not satisfied. we had to wait six months though so in june he is set up already for the next procedure again. just hang in there and see if it comes around and i STRONGLY recommend no gaining weight as that will throw you off. good luck and post new pics soon.
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BTW, The light switches and the floor towel are different!
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LOL. I don't use those towels. They're just for decoration. Bad decorations I admit but I'm a bachelor with better things to do. I'll be sure to mess them up before taking my next picture.
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What I find interesting is how your towels are exactly the same over the course of these 3 months. Why would you seek to mislead the viewer?
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Here I am 3 months post-op.  I can't say...

Here I am 3 months post-op.  I can't say they didn't officially warn me it could take up to 6 months but they sure downplayed that fact.  Maybe my body is just taking its time.  I'm normally a very quick healer so this seems like it is taking forever.  I am 10 pounds lighter and 2 pants sizes down.  I still have love handles but they are very sore which likely means they aren't done healing yet.

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OK.  6 months has gone by.  I still have...

OK.  6 months has gone by.  I still have a harsh stretching feeling in my waist when I reach high.  Other than that my pain and discomfort have faded.  I went from 33" waist pants to a 31" waist pants.  I'm no where near where they told me I would be (6 pack abs) but I'm definately slimmer than I was.  I never regained the 10 pounds that the surgery took off.

My biggest dissapointment, other than the long recovery and no visible abs, was that I never saw the doctor once the surgery was over.  I was only seen by office personnel and seemed to be trained to just keep telling me that everything is normal,  I look great and, give it more time.  My last visit I told them that I was unhappy and still in pain and she told me "Well, this is your last visit".  I wasn't photographed or weighed like they said I would be.

Considering the results and the service it was probably only worth half of what I paid.

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It's been 2 years and I still have nerve...

It's been 2 years and I still have nerve damage in my abdomen and flanks. My body has returned to its original dimensions. I am working with MedSpa through the PA Attorney Generals office to reach some kind of conclusion. My advice is to wait for the non-invasive ultrasound method of fat cell disruption that they use in Canada. Some US providers are already using it.


Thanks for updating your review. I'm so sorry to hear you're still having issues with your surgery.

In September the FDA approved two non-invasive fat reduction methods: Zerona and CoolSculpting, which I think is what you referred to in your review? Any plans to try these?

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I asked MedSpa for a full refund and my plan was to use that money to get one of the new non-invasive procedures. Without even seeing me MedSpa counter-offered to perform the same invasive procedure again. I questioned that solution since the last surgery caused so much lasting pain and did nothing to reform my body. I asked for a consultation with a different physician to determine what, if any, route to take. They set a consultation up for 2/22. This will be almost 2 years to the day of the original surgery. My guess is that they picked this date so that I won't have time to file a lawsuit (2 year limit). If I disagree with their opinion I believe they'll tell me to go pound sand.
Elizabeth Leimer

She never saw me once following the procedure. I found this very shocking. Follow-up care was left to office personnel.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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