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A little about me, i am 21 5'5.5 and weight 170. I...

a little about me, i am 21 5'5.5 and weight 170. I already have bigger boobs but one is significantly larger then thd other and they look like Ive had a few children. Since i was in middle school ive wanted this procedure. I've had saggy breasts for that long! i am tired of stuffing one bra and feeling so uncomfortable in my skin! I hadmy doctors apointment today to figure out what needs to be done.. and initially my boyfriend pretty much talk me out of it but since I have had this appointment booked for the past 4 months I figured I'd just go to see what he had to say. Bad idea.. Now I am booked for June 4th to get a lift and silicone under the muscle!

I am so excited about it but I feel like everyone I tell is super judgemental. Last weekend I was visiting family and watching the telivision with my mom she snickered, "ewe all these girls have fake boobs". Is anyone keeping their precedures on the downlow? I feel guilty like I am wrong for wanting it but I am so tired of hating my breasts.
I'm getting my surgery the same day! I scheduled mine at the end of April and just recently told my family of my plans. My mom thinks I'm crazy and hates the idea but I am working on making her understand why I'm doing this and asking for her support. I think as long as it's for the right reasons it'll all turn out good =)

I've updated your review to reflect your June 4th surgery date!

No way!! I think it's amazing to feel good About your breast and this is the first time I ever have in my life and I'm almost 30. TOTALLY get what you mean when ppl hate on plastic surgery but fuck it! We dye our hair we wear makeup we get fillings in our teeth we get braces, its all the same. I'm not saying we are all fake but we are enhancing our beauty. Nothing wrong with feeling beautiful! I am happy for you! I think it's a great thing to do:) and I haven't told anyone other then my mom sisters and boyfriend oh and my best friend but no one else. I'm so scared to go back to work and be judged but fuck them. I need to be strong and you too! Sorry I'm rambling lol

Day 1

Sorry for not updating in a while guys! I am so greatful that you all have been so supportive! So the week leading to surgery I have just gotten more and more excited, I couldn't sleep the day before all I could think about is my boobs will never look like this again! I can wear a non- padded bra and non padded bikini and just feel so much more real (ironic eh).
Any way my surgery went off without a hitch. When I checked in my nurse asked me if it were a corrective surgery (never had one before), and then asked if I had children.. After I told her I haden't she responded, "Oh.. have your breasts always looked like that?". Definantly confirmed that I was making the right decision. The nurse staff were incredibly friendly and joked with me before and after my surgery. My surgeon and anesthesiologist made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable.

So today is day 1. My pain is probably around a 6-8 depending on how quickly I take my pain medication. My insicion was around my nipple and they took some spare skin off the bigger breast. They put in 400 cc Silicone jelly under the muscle.

But here is my quiestions..I feel like my nipples are still facing downwards. NO where near as bad as before but there is definatly more skin on the top. Is that just the swelling? Also they are lightly bleeding. Is this normal? My Dr. has amazing reviews, never been sued, and preforms about 4 BAs a day. I know he is great but I am just so worried about everything. I feel like I paid so much for them that I need them to be perfect.
hey lady, how are you doing? I agree with mk12, I think that when the implant fully drops it will bring the nipples up a bit since the implant goes towards the bottom..does that make sense? I don't know how to explain it but I also asked my PS that and it seemed to make sense. That fun waiting game can take a while, I am 6 wks post op and still waiting for more dropping, so hang in there! Have you seen your Ps since you have posted last? Hope your doing well!!
Don't worry about your nipple position right now - over the next few weeks (even months) the implants will fall into place! :) hope I helped.
YAY So glad your doing good!!! I got mine 325cc silicone too under muscle! But with crease incision. I think it's probably too early to judge the nipples since it's so soon after. I'd give it a week before making any judgements. Especially since your doctor seems amazing, give it a little time! For mine I won't even get to see these new girls till next week! I'm dieing to look but I'm all banded and wrapped and in this huge bra with 12 hooks so I'm trapped lol. Definitly keep up on your pain meds I'm so glad I have been doing every 4-6 hours just to stay on top of it. Getting up after a nap seems to be the hardest time, do you have trouble getting up these first few days? I'm wondering if its the good ole "morning boob" feeling so many girls talk about on here!

2 Weeks PO

Hey guys! So my nipples look way better overall everything looks great. I was experiencing a fair amount of pain up until day 9. Day 9 PO I went out for a friends stagette (I wore 3 sports bras just in case). Anyways, I danced the night away and even had sex with the boy for the first time post opp and woke up the next morning with zero pain! I know I'm not going to recomend partying right after however I was pleasant ly surprised that I wasn't in serious pain. I started back at work and everything is going fine. I'm a little worried about them dropping to much (I had such saggy boobs before I just fear that they will go back to that). Has anyone else had severely saggy skin get a B.A & lift? if so did they sag back to before? Also I haven't seen my surgeon as of yet. We won't meet for another 5 weeks but I have visited my family doctor for a post op check up. I did so because I had a few superficial lesions that needed to be taped up longer.
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