A Good Result Requires Patience and a Highly-skilled Injector

Sculptra is only as good as the skill-level and...

Sculptra is only as good as the skill-level and experience of the person injecting you. If your doctor only uses Sculptra occasionally or (even worse-I've actually heard this) sends his NURSE to inject you, RUN!!! This is not something to play around with.

I have been getting these injections in my face and around my eyes since 2001 and the results are nothing short of amazing. It is not instant or permanent or cheap for that matter but if your doctor REALLY knows what he's doing with it you will fall in love.

By the way, I have NEVER had a single lump or nodule and I NEVER have been told to massage my face, either. If there are any docs out there who are as experienced as mine I would be happy to switch. It's a pain to go to Paris every six months to get poked!

Happy for you. You are so right that Sculptra injections require an experienced hand with a good understanding of the product. Having treated patients while out of the usa for a decade, I could not agree with you more.
Keith, I'm planning to contact my doctor and raise some of these issues. I'll share her feedback. HKK
"Maybe Dermik should pull its use for anything other than facial lipoatrophy" BINGO! Yeah Keith this is awesome for facial wasting and it should be only used for that purpose... also insurance needs to pay for it. I am glad you've been posting with me because its a great way to get info and give info. Kooie
Dr. Patrick Amard

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