Zerona on my Saddlebag Area Was the BIGGEST Waste of Money

I decided to try Zerona after seeing the very...

I decided to try Zerona after seeing the very convincing "The Doctors" episode about it. I am not overweight, but have some saddlebag area that I can't get rid of though I am a regular runner. My treatments consisted of 10 treatments. The first 5 were every day. After no results they switched to every other day. Which ended in no results yet again. NOT A SINGLE MEASUREMENT CHANGED!

During my treatment I did everything to the T. They had me do a niacin flush, drink a detox drink everyday, footbath detox, 8 glasses of water a day (no caffeine or alcohol), and exercise everyday. I ran 1.5 miles a day and then walked up hill at a 20% incline for another .5 miles. After every procedure I would message the areas for 20 minutes. Also, during exercise and sleep I wore a compression garment.

PLEASE note that if you do all of this your skin will look and feel better and you will lose a little weight BUT it is because of all of that and not Zerona! I lost 6 lbs during the 2 weeks because of the super healthy eating, detox, exercise, and drinking water. My BMI went from 22.3 to 21.

So, my suggestion to you out there reading this is just do the exercise and drink the water and you will get the same results as me but save you the $2500! Honestly, this procedure should be banned. There is absolutely no reason this procedure should be SO expensive and you are sent away with no results and a big debt. As I have read in other testimonials above it truly can only be referred to as a scam.

Good luck and I hope this has helped you.


The doctor doing the Zerona needs to be BOARD CERTIFIED. This is key!! As with any cosmetic procedure. FDA is not going to approve a bogus procedure. i'm guessing every bad result here is operator error.
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PeeWee, use some of the cash you thought you mind spend on Zerona for a good nutritionist and/or personal trainer. Stick with your diet and exercise plan, and give yourself a YEAR to get the weight off. Once you have lost about 35 pounds of the 50 you want to lose, take the money you have saved up during the year and see a doctor about some type of liposuction.

Do NOT be a victim of the empty Zerona promise.
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ugghhh so many mixed reviews about zerona and idk what to do help!!! i want to loose at least 50 pounds and i work out and eat right but its just no going away on my thighs
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Dr. Fritz-Chiropractic

Let me start off by saying I don't recommend the treatment. I actually loved Denise who performed the laser on me. She was so sweet and service was excellent. HOWEVER, I can't recommend going there since the treatment does not work and I was only given back $500 for the $2500 for the no results.

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