Zerona Fat Lazer - 20 Treatments, No Results

Please do not do the Zerona fat zapping lazer. ...

Please do not do the Zerona fat zapping lazer. They will not give you your money back.

I got 20 treatments, and not one result. If you have had the same response please let me know, i think we should file a suit against the makers of the lazer. They say it doesnt work for everyone, but its actually not working on most people.

If it seems to good to be true, it is!!!


Was thinking about trying, but wanted to hear some real reviews. Looks to me like the same as always, works for some, not for others. I think it comes down to personal body types. We are all different and react differently to things. There is no one cure all for anyone. Therefore, I think "guaranteed" results are non existent, and it's ill advised to promise them. That being said, I still may try it, just to see if it works for me. However, I never put a lot of money into something I'm not sure of. Check GROUPONS if you want to try it. They have all sorts of deals for many cosmetic procedures. I found one for six treatments (the recommended amount for results) for only $150. Certainly sounds better than the $1000-$3000 I've heard elsewhere or when I call. If I lose $150 to no results, I can live with that. I would never shell out so much money over something I'm not sure of. Bottom line, never buy into the hype on anything and always be smart about your decisions.
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I had the sessions and unfortunately, I had results that weren't good. The fat relocated to other parts of my body due to a lymphatic problem that I've suffered with for a couple of years now.. People with lymphatic problems should not try Zerona..
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I totally agree this is a rip off. I am out $2650 with no results. When I complained they told me that they would give me more laser treatments if I went on their diet that would cost me another $1000 or so. Why would that work if it didn't work the first time. They want your money before you can start without any guarantee and if it doesn't work, too bad for you.
I am absolutely sick when I think how hard I work for my money and just threw $2650 down the toilet. ZERONA DOES NOT WORK and I am telling everyone that I can so they don't get scamed.
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Dr Jade Mallay

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