Zerona DOES NOT Work!

This treatment is a scam. It does not work and I...

This treatment is a scam. It does not work and I am very upset that I have given away $3000.

First off, you should never agree to a treatment when the first thing they have you do is sign a waiver stating they don't guarantee any results. If it worked they would never have to have you sign something like that. For thousands of dollars you should get something for your money.

My treatment consisted of 10 treatments that lasted 40 min (20 min front and back). I lost absolutely nothing in my measurements. I did everything required, drinking the water, doing the detox drinks, and foot bath detox. Even did the required exercise. DO NOT throw your money away on this treatment.


This treatment can work beautifully on people. There are some people who deal with hormonal imbalances and require more than what most of the Zerona franchises DO NOT deal with. There was a company who started a franchise and all that they did was provide the Zerona treatments but did not recognize that more needed to happen in order for the Zerona treatments to provide the results that certain clients needed. I know, I build one of these franchises from the ground up and fought daily with head office to allow me to provide a more effective program to assist those individuals who were not fast responders. They seemed to only care about the money, while I cared about the clients and having they succeed in their goals. I am so sorry you had such a negative experience with Zerona, I can tell you it is an amazing machine, however most of the employees and franchise owners did not have the experience to be able to implement changes to accommodate anyone with hormonal imbalances, or those on weight inducing meds and the list of possibilities goes on. Zerona is an excellent machine, just lacks technicians with more experience. I hope to teach other Zerona locations to give people like you the results you paid for.
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I'm working with a company that offers Zerona laser and I'm watching lots of women get skinny though so far it hasn't helped me. My waist dropped an inch the first week and now it's back up. Not sure if it's my thyroid or if my body just doesn't like it. Hoping this will change soon.
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I'm sorry to hear your not having much more change happen. Have you walked or used a vibrating plate after each treatment? Have your changed your nutrition? Make sure your hydration level is up and if you are still not having any luck, it's time to rule out what your body is lacking and/or if you have any hormonal imbalances. You may require liver support, or have adrenal fatique. Sometimes, I find it helpful to see if my clients have any kind of food sensitivity by having my clients cut out all bread and starchy carbs for a week, and during that time take a break from treatments before re entering into the treatments again. I love that it helps with pain case you had any aches.....:)
Dr. Fritz-Chiropractic

Nothing against Dr. except that he should have given a refund for this scam of a treatment.

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