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I had 12 zerona laser treatments on my stomach and...

I had 12 zerona laser treatments on my stomach and thighs and was able to lose about 9 inches total off both places. I also lost 14 lbs - from 132 to 118. I'm only 5'3" - so this made a big difference.

I was VERY skeptical - but it did work. I changed my diet a little and stepped up my evening walks, but did not do anything drastic. My doctor was actually in the trials for the machine - so I think she understands how it works better than most.

I've posted my before and after photos that we took in her office. Fair warning - I did a spray tan for my afters.


I underwent vaser lipo on my stomach and flanks 2 years ago and since have had an excellent and tight midriff area (small gain in my arms/upper back/chest when I gain a few pounds but fairly easy to lose it with excercise and diet). Last month, I underwent 9 sessions of Zerona and followed the rules: lots of water, sensible diet, workouts. I did lose some circumference around my thighs, but now my waist has visibly increased in size. My stomach has also gotten a little fatter, but I had high def there, so not much. I'm sure that Zerona moved the fat from my thighs and resettled some of it in my waist. This is so disappointing because the fat I lost off my thighs was NOT worth it to change the shape of my body back to not having a defined waist. I've called my surgeon and asked if he can help or recommend something to fix this disaster. I would NEVER recommend Zerona - even if it works, its nothing you can't get without the strict diet/excercise program they put you on for 3 weeks and I would be very careful about redistribution problems if you like the shape of your body or have previously undergone lipo.
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I am 5'4", weigh 130 pounds and will be doing my 14th Zerona treatment tomorrow. I signed up for 12 treatments - with no results, so the director of the clinic is giving me 3 more treatments complimentary. Has anyone else undergone 12 treatments with no results only to see wonderful results with just 3 more? I'm trying to stay hopeful!
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I would keep the rest of my money. No more Zerona.
Dr. Stephanie King

She is very thorough and helps you with a nutrition plan along with the laser. She is also considerably lower priced that most local doctors. Best of all, she is very nice and her office is great.

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