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I had 12 zerona laser treatments on my stomach and...

I had 12 zerona laser treatments on my stomach and thighs and was able to lose about 9 inches total off both places. I also lost 14 lbs - from 132 to 118. I'm only 5'3" - so this made a big difference.

I was VERY skeptical - but it did work. I changed my diet a little and stepped up my evening walks, but did not do anything drastic. My doctor was actually in the trials for the machine - so I think she understands how it works better than most.

I've posted my before and after photos that we took in her office. Fair warning - I did a spray tan for my afters.

Dr. Stephanie King

She is very thorough and helps you with a nutrition plan along with the laser. She is also considerably lower priced that most local doctors. Best of all, she is very nice and her office is great.

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I underwent vaser lipo on my stomach and flanks 2 years ago and since have had an excellent and tight midriff area (small gain in my arms/upper back/chest when I gain a few pounds but fairly easy to lose it with excercise and diet). Last month, I underwent 9 sessions of Zerona and followed the rules: lots of water, sensible diet, workouts. I did lose some circumference around my thighs, but now my waist has visibly increased in size. My stomach has also gotten a little fatter, but I had high def there, so not much. I'm sure that Zerona moved the fat from my thighs and resettled some of it in my waist. This is so disappointing because the fat I lost off my thighs was NOT worth it to change the shape of my body back to not having a defined waist. I've called my surgeon and asked if he can help or recommend something to fix this disaster. I would NEVER recommend Zerona - even if it works, its nothing you can't get without the strict diet/excercise program they put you on for 3 weeks and I would be very careful about redistribution problems if you like the shape of your body or have previously undergone lipo.
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I am 5'4", weigh 130 pounds and will be doing my 14th Zerona treatment tomorrow. I signed up for 12 treatments - with no results, so the director of the clinic is giving me 3 more treatments complimentary. Has anyone else undergone 12 treatments with no results only to see wonderful results with just 3 more? I'm trying to stay hopeful!
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I would keep the rest of my money. No more Zerona.
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Your photos look "soooo" professional...(Hhummmm....)
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Just so everyone knows.
The Zerona is FDA approved. The research is based on 1,700 case studies on low level lasers (which is what the Zerona is)and over 200 studies on the Zerona use for this purpose. Low level lasers have been in use since 1998. The type of fat the laser is going to affect is subcutaneous fat. It is the soft flabby tissue. Visceral fat is fat that lies deeper beneath the skin, and surrounds the body’s internal organs. Patients who come in to use Zerona laser sometimes have both. Some offices address both types with different programs to help the body heal from the inside as well. Often times these are optional. Some clinics offer only the Zerona which base their results primarily off inches. Zerona suggests a minimum of 6 treatments. With greater goals and more resistant bodies sometimes more sessions are necessary. The research and individual cases of patients using the Zerona is based on their inches lost, not weight. Reason being is that if someone is doing their arms, and or chin or other smaller body part is going to differ from someone doing a larger body portion. Also people's weights that do this procedure greatly vary from Fitness Professionals to people who are morbidly obese. Same as with age and gender can vary. The reason this procedure is so practical for many people is for those exact reasons. Everyone's body is different and functions on different levels of ability to process change. The Doctors and staff of these clinics only see patients for a maximum of 40 minute treatments for three times a week for the duration of their program. It is impossible for a physician to know what every patient does for the remainder of the 23 hours a day and the four days they're not in the offices/clinics/facilities. Patients need to be honest with themselves and their doctors. It is important to talk to them about lifestyle changes, if they feel their goals may be bigger and want to maintain it. Again it is different for every person. If you are eating a consistent amount of fatty foods and not changing your life at all, the laser will keep you from gaining weight, but is fighting an uphill battle to help the body flush more fat for a discernable difference to be seen. The laser is scientifically proven to work. It's the patient’s commitment and body types that are the varying factor in all of this.
As for contracts most medical clinics are advised to take payments up front. This is to ensure patients commitment to programs. Often time’s offices/ physicians book patients, days, weeks, and months in advance. For every patient that would schedule then cancel is taking away an opportunity for another committed person to be at those offices.
On a less professional level of speaking, how many of you would expect to go to a gym and not pay because you haven't lost weight, even though you know for a fact that gym equipment is proven effective? Didn't some of you folks say you go to gyms? Why continue to pay? Just a thought.
As far as each states Better Business Bureau is concerned in most cases is more likely to side with the customer. They are a fair judge and will only base their conclusion on facts. In which case if a customer files a claim and the facility is found not at fault is based on factual/ contractual evidence.
And to continue on with the laser, Zerona has appeared on many shows and news media. It can be found featured on Rachel Ray, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, and many other credible shows. The reason these can be cited is because they are legally obligated to only put things on their show they can show proof of working and being a good source for the consumer.
In conclusion. It sounds like many of these discrepancies can fall back on the patients themselves. This isn’t' a legal issue, a doctor's issue, a scientific debate. Those are things that have been found to stand on their own and have for many years. It's a personal issue in which patients are not completely honest or not aware of what they might be doing wrong, because they cannot take fault with themselves. Instead they place blame on people and places they believed could be a miracle cure for their lack of knowledge and commitment. You can't change your body if you can't change your outlook on things and follow a trained physician’s advice.
Good Luck to you, and all others in your journey through life. It will be more difficult in the long run if you hold on these hatreds and bitterness and angst. Stress causes the body to gain and hold onto fat.Try opening your mind and heart to facts and heal yourself. Learn to love yourself and others and the body will follow in steed.

Sincerely Signed.

P.s. There is no claim in this that for some people the body is just not responsive due to actual medical reasons. Those can be determined by a doctor or your pcp. Everyone should look at their options and for some the Zerona may not be the best option. That's why you have to have a consult and see if you are a candidate. Be honest in those so that the doctor can make a legitimate suggestion based on your individual case. Good luck to all. God Bless.

Below are listed some sources of places on the web to find answers and research yourself.

Reference points. Some interesting medical points if you wish to research farther.

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Just so everyone knows, the FDA approved it for SAFETY. It has been shown to be safe. It will not hurt you. There is no physical downside. Just a financial one.
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You are misleading.
Usually you are correct, most of the competitors of the Zerona either don't have FDA at all or they have for safety.
Zerona has FDA for safety as you said but also for effectiveness for 6 sessions.
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So you expected to resume the same lifestyle you had before you did this procedure and not gain the weight back? Wasn't your lifestyle the reason you went in the first place because you were over weight? I don't understand how you people can all expect to do whatever you want and not have consequences for your actions. You are all adults. You know your actions lead to results. Negative or positive. For every action there is a reaction. Obviously the laser works you admit you lost. It's not your physicians fault you resumed the actions that caused you to gain weight once you left the facility.
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On the orginal paper which is sloppy that's why they claimed they had to rewrite it.
Braline read 35 2/8 in
Bellybutton read 40 2/8 I weigh 129lbs and wear a size 8. How in the world could I measure 40 2/8 in. I didn't get to see them write this number, so I didn't question it.
3 fingers they put down 37 4/8
These are the numbers they put down but on the re copied paper, these are the numbers.
3 fingers above BB 37 4/8 2 in higher
bellybutton stayed at 49 2/8 in, no way have I ever had a 40 in waist.
Braline 38 2/8

Newest measurement to state I had lost inches
fingers 3 35in.--shows I lost over 2 in
Bellybutton I went down 3 and 2/8 in they put 37in.
Finally they put 34 4/8 in so there went another almost 4 in.
All of these numbers are made up. How would they know about visceral fat??? He never checked my stomach. Put me the room push the button. and that was it. I did contact a free legal advise, see what I can do. He has also changed the name of his office. Do you make your people pay up front? Do you mention anything about the Zerona helping Triglycerides? I've just been had and it's hard to deal with. When you know he's still doing it. When I called and asked for a refund beside him saying no. He said we're good people, I think now.
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What about the other areas? They measure more areas.

I don't understand what you mean fake number, if those are your before/after figures and it shows 6 inches from only 3 areas then that's good.
If you claim that he changed some figures to show different numbers, then that is a problem and i don't know how to help you besides maybe to take legal actions.

As for visceral fat, it's the type of fat you have around your organs, everyone HAS it. Problem is that fat doesn't react to the treatment and people have different amounts of that fat.
You can usually tell by the feeling of twitching with your fingers the fat, if it has a strong feeling than it's visceral and that area may not react well to the treatment.

What is it you feel are the right numbers? The before/after figures.
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My doctor threatened me he said he would file harassment charges. He said you signed a paper that says not guarantees. But this is the other side they make you believe you will receive inches lost. Paper work he gives you says reshape your body in 2 weeks, so that's what you think.
He claims that this is what I lost.
These numbers have been changed to show a lose. He doesn't understand what the problem is or does he care no. He has my money and that's that.
Tell me what you think.
First fake numbers
3 fingers above bellybutton 37 4/8
bellybutton 40 2/8
Braline 38 2/8

Inches he claims I lost
3 fingers above bellbutton 35 in
Bellbutton 37 in
Braline 34 4/8
Inches lost 6 4/8
Total inches 106 4/8W
Up top it says 113 inches
Claims I have visceral fat, how would they know that????
Please read over this information and know that I lost nothing.
How would you feel about this doctor and the way he runs his business? I don't know what to do. I am broke I took that money I had invested so I would be happy, now I have no money and nothing to show for it. I'm so unhappy.
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It seems to me the only people saying that the Zerona works, are the ones who are making money from it. I and many others would gladly have paid the money to see the results we thought we would see. You have to understand, we had our hopes up that this would work. It did not work at all for me. So you see I feel like I was tricked and taken advantage of. So not only were my hopes dashed, they took my money and I received nothing for it.

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I understand what you're saying but clearly you tried it at the wrong place.

Of course most of the people who are pro Zerona are making money off it. People coming here to write about their experience are either feeling they were cheated (like you) or that they found the best thing of their lives.

99% of the people who did the treatment and are happy wouldn't write about it.
Think about it, how many times you go to your family doctor (which you like) and then go home and write about it on some online forum? Never.

If you would like to come to the Toronto area, I'm willing to prove it to you, that is why we guarantee at least 3 inch reduction. As i said before, it works on about 95% of the people so if you do at least 12 sessions it will work for at least 3 inches.
This is where expectations come in, many people would say 3 inches are not enough but to get more than that, it depends on other factors, but usually for 12 sessions on AVERAGE you will get about 9 inches.
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Hello, I know it's been a while since you posted regarding Zerona--but I wanted to know if since then you had any side effects. I was left with an abdominal ball of fat the size of a large ice cube from doing Cool Sculpting--it did not remove the fat evenly. I'm too afraid to do lipo and I was wondering if you think Zerona might work in spot reducing. Thank you.
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Of course i tried it myself.
Also had hundreds of happy customers.

The few unhappy people we had, the Zerona didn't respond on them at all, nothing to do about it and they got their money back, fair?

I never had a complaint that results don't last.

I've been following up on my wife after she had a series of treatments, 3 months later the measurements were somewhat the same. Having said that, her habbits are pretty bad, she don't exercise and eats more junk food than i think she should.
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Scam is when something doesn't work.
People at my clinic lose 6-16 inches on a regular basis.
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This weightloss system is a scam. I say so because I had it done. Lost 14 inches and only 5 lbs with 6 treatments and all of the inches came back in record time.

It is not worth the $2500.00 that I paid. SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE---take the word from someone who tried it!!

I exercised 4 days a week (did 5 miles at the track) followed all of the instructions. The only weight I really lost was the $2500.00 that was in my pocket.

You need to be honest with these people and stop taking their money when you know that the inch loss does not last.
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This weightloss system is a scam only because it's NOT a weightloss system.

And sorry to tell you but the inch loss does last, it depends on the person and his habits.

To lose something that you gained in years is very impressive and anyone will tell you that.
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Whether you are a very active individual or not the result is the same. Zerona results do not last. I dont believe that the people who have used Zerona were any more active than I am. So I don't buy that "individual habits" crap.

I can't believe that you are trying to say that the inch loss does last. IT DOES NOT!! have you tried Zerona for yourself?
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Then it seems my service provider was even more dishonest than I could have imagined, or else there is a serious misunderstanding between doctors and SMBI here in the States. I was told specifically that because I lost over 3.5 inches from all 10 areas that I was considered a "success." Once again, my doubts about this entire "procedure" have been validated. It is as close to a scam as you can get without people outright lying to you.
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Dont believe them. a loss of 3.5 inches is not successful in my book. I lost 14 inches and the inches all came back in no time. Save your money.
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I know you were measured in 10 different places, that isn't the issue. The 3.5 inch loss refers to 4 areas, and any guarantee SBMI gives is according to those 4 areas not the 10 areas you were measured. For guarantee purposes you compare the 4 areas, for actual results you measure 10. Why? Because it reduces inches ALL over the body so it should be added up. It's like those tv shows when they take a person put him on diet for a few months and then measure him, why don't they just measure in 1 area? Because it's a natural process that reduces inches all over the body.
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It is not a permanent form of weight loss folks. I tried it and lost 14 inches--the inches all came back. Save your money.
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You need to understand, weight loss and inch loss are not the same thing, specially when it comes to the Zerona.

With Zerona you will lose the inches but very little weight.
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I fully understand weight loss and inch loss thank you. The bottom line is ZERONA is not worth the money. The INCH loss/Weight loss does not last past your last treatment.
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