Submuscular Silicone Implants W/ Inframammary Incision - Breast Augmentation Incision Leaking Clear Fluid

I love the size and shape of my new breasts, the...

I love the size and shape of my new breasts, the doctor gave me exactly what I wanted and I would definitely recommend him. But I am concerned that when I indicated that I have a latex allergy the nurses neglected to ensure that my wounds were dressed with hypo-allergenic materials resulting in my current discomfort.

I went from a B- to a C+ and I love them! I just hope the incisions heal soon and that the fluid stops leaking from the wounds. I have to change the dressing 6 times a day and change my shirt several times a day to soaking from the wounds. I clean the incisions each time I change the gauze and apply bacitracin. I also started taking Benadryl in an attempt to combat the allergic reaction but it hasn't made a difference. The discomfort is caused mostly by the irritating itch of the rash.

 UPDATE: I thought I had an allergic reaction...

 UPDATE: I thought I had an allergic reaction to latex: turns out I am VERY allergic to Bacitracin! My Doctor and his staff were wonderful and HAD ensured that my Latex allergy was being considered, no one could have foreseen the Bacitracin allergy.

I love the work my surgeon and his staff did and would recommend them to ANYONE!

6 Days ago I had Submuscular silicone breast implants with an inframammary incision. Post-op healing until has been great but I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive they used to bandage me and I have an irritated red blistered rash around the incision. Now the incisions are leaking a clear fluid excessively. Do I have an infection?

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He was experienced, skilled and the results are gorgeous.

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Hello, my name is Janet and i feel
compelled to inform all women of
the very real risks of having silicone breast implants leakage. My work
friend had them ten years ago and
2 weeks ago became very sick with septicemia. It seems they have been leaking for months, she was
always feeling sick but not so bad
that she seen a Dr...sadly, because
now she is in a medically induced
coma and fighting for her life!
PLEASE have a MRI? or just MAKE
SURE they are not leaking or
better still, HAVE THEM REMOVED and
be happy with who you are and grateful for good health. Kate is just 29! I hope with all my heart she lives, thats all.
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thankyou so much Sharon! i went to the doctor today n bburst out crying and she was like it really isnt a big deal its just the bodys got fluid build up and she stitched me up a bit more (and now the stitches hurt like an ants biting me every second which i hope is normal) and also put more dressing on and said its fine since im still on antibiotics and dont have a fever at all! thanks for ur advice!..i just hope whatever the doc said is right..its just freaky cos im 21 and alone on this n not letting ne one know its really tuff to hide it at home... through covered clothes to hide the swelling.... a bit of an emotional trauma aswell i think im crying for no reason over everything im glad i found this place atleast i can tell someone!:( thanks again
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I'm SO glad to hear it's not as bad as you first thought. What a relief! As long as your temp. is normal it sounds like normal fluid, so I wouldn't worry about an infection if your doctor isn't worried.

Is there anyone you can tell in-person about the surgery, even someone who lives out of town? It's so important to have that emotional support. Of course, we're always here for you too! There are so many great women (and men) here who are willing to help each other through surgery. And I'll keep bugging you about your progress if that will help. ;) *hugs*

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please can someone hhelp me i got a breast augmentation last teusday it was all fine jus the right incision bandage became all pinkish brownish and then i went to the doctor she said its fine she cleaned it up asked if it hurt.. but then she said if it happens again...come to me again...n i said i cant untill next monday n she jus looked a bit worried i got my steristrips yersdat nothing happend...but i have verrryy litttlee leakage going on a while back this liiight pink n im so scared please help mee will something hpapen to me untill next monday please help:(
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Hi 3759anon -- Sorry to hear about the troubles you're having. Hang in there!

Did your doctor say what was causing the leakage? (Infection or just normal?)

You can post your question on our Doctor Q&A forum to see what the doctors who post here think. If you have a photo that is also very helpful for them.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery and please keep us posted on your progress. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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under my right breast i have the same reaction. nothing coming out (no fluid) but the same rash. i asked my dr who is in nc, but i'm out of the country so he can't see it in person. he said it might be a fungal infection.. but it doesnt seem like it would be. i've been putting aloe on it but it's not helping. is there anyway i can post a picture so someone can help me? thanks. xo
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I'm glad you got it taken care of, but for anyone else reading this: Was the clear fluid the slightest hint of pink at all? In your case, it's great that the wound closed, but for those women where it doesn't seem to want to close, definitely get it looked at immediately.
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Great advice! Turns out I was allergic to the Bacitracin I was applying to the incisions. The more the wounds leaked, the more I would clean them apply Bacitracin, exacerbating the problem! I stopped using Bacitracin 3 days ago and the difference is phenomenal. I am still afflicted with a horrible welt-like rash that the Dr. says will clear in a few weeks, but other than that everything is GREAT, thank God! Thank you again and I am sorry for what you went through.
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Thank you.Im happy you are ok. WOW>>>>>BEAUTY IS PAIN. TAKE CARE!!!!!!!
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...!!!!!! CALL YOUR DOCTOR NOW AND GET SOME ANTIBIOTICS IN YOU IMMEDIATELY!!!!!. I JUST WENT THROUGH A DOUBLE STAPH SEPTICEMIA INFECTION FROM A Situation with my breast implants back in AUGUST. I HAD TO END UP GETTING MY IMPLANTS REMOVED.I'm not trying to scare you.It may not be what I had.But Please don't let another day go by without getting that drainage checked out. I don't want you to go through what I went through.Please post back and let me know how you are doing.Take care and keep that breast as clean as possible until you see your doctor.I am finally getting my implants put back in next week, but I had to wait all these weeks for my body to heal.
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