Vaser Lipo on Abs and Flanks (Lovehandles)...the Good, the Bad and the No More Ugly?

Well, as a happy 37th birthday to myself I...

Well, as a happy 37th birthday to myself I scheduled my Vaser Lipo two weeks ago.

Today is the big day. I've been taking Vitamin K all week and started antibiotics yesterday. I was prescribed Lorezapam (sp) for pre-op anxiety but I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas so haven't had eaten any of those until just now. I go in at 2:00 which is in two hours, so I thought this would be a good time to post my "before" pictures (as if there is a good time to document this sort of thing LOL). Well, it wouldn't let me post until I could tell about the actual surgery, so here I am about 48 hours later.

Please don't read this account unless you plan to read the entire thing because I'm going to be brutally honest and there are parts of this that were unpleasant...well, awful. That being said, I can hardly wait to go back next month and have my outer thighs done.


Something to do with blood clotting and to help reduce post-op bruising I think. I feel like...sore...but every day is better. And when you put on shirts that highlighted your rolls and you had to wear a sweater to camoflauge them before and now it hangs straight you feel GREAT. And supposedly it only gets better as the swelling goes down over time. I'll never be a size 4 and the procedure itself was not comfortable to say the least but I'm getting my outer thighs done in a week or two and I'll post my 'after' tummy pics soon. For the money, well worth it. : )
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Hi Hope it all went well. How are you feeling? What did you take the vitamin k for? Thanks
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Photo Update


Hi, I was curious about your experience with the thighs as that's what I'm considering having done (also in nashville area). Also, I was curious to know about how long it took for all the little incision circles to go away.
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I'm so sorry. I'm approaching my 39th b'day this week, so it's been a full two years since I did mine, and I'm still very pleased. The scars have all but disappeared and my lower abdomen is flat (so nice that it makes my upper one look flabby by comparison LOL). The only downfall I've noticed is that if I gain weight, it will show up a little faster in the other non-treated problem areas. But, all in all I would do it again in a second. Again, I'm so sorry for your bad experience...especially after paying so much money! I would definitely pursue that doctor and MAKE him MAKE IT RIGHT! Good luck!
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You look amazing!!
Unfortunately I did not have a good experience.
I had armas and abs and inner knees done. The doc was a money taker!! I did not see much difference and I spend ove $6.000,000 ( over six thousand).
He left a chunck of fat in the mid and upper abs,and now is trying to get more money by saying I need a tummy tuck. He does not know that I have consulted with others plastic surgeons and they all gave similar feedback: The job was not well done.

It is important to do you homework and get as many as second opinions as possible. I was not smart in this sense. I just considered that he is American Board certified... This credential does not assure satisfying results.

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Bill Sekulovski / Brentwood Laser Liposuction Clinic

Intelligent answers to all my questions; took all the time I needed; felt like I was the most important patient they ever had. Only complaint was lack of options for pain - apparently some people are so affected they almost sleep through the whole thing but I was fully awake and aware and sometimes in alot of pain.

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