VASER LIPO Tough Recovery

I have had unwanted belly fat for about 6 years...

I have had unwanted belly fat for about 6 years now. I am thin everywhere else but when I gain weight this is where it goes. Heard of the VASER LIPO and it sounded much better as far as the procedure and the recovery for the patient than the traditonal lipo. I decided to do it thinking the reciovery period would be easier, quicker and less painful.

I am 5 days post-op now and in terrible pain and have terrible swelling. Although the inside of my abdomen/flanks and pubic area hurt terribly, the outside of my skin is still numb all over. I knew the complete recovery time was 4-6 weeks while wearing the garment, but I apparently misunderstood the intial post-op recovery, as I was told i would be able to work and exercise in 2-7 days.

How long before this intense pain decreases, how long before the intense swelling decreases and when will the numbness go away?

I'm 4 days post vaser abs and flanks. You have to slowly deep massage those areas and u will feel instant relief
Today I'm 2 1/2 weeks post vaser lipo and I'm pain free I have very little swelling mainly to my flanks. I stopped wearing to compression garment at 1 1/2 week after because it was so uncomfortable for me but I substituted it with two 6' ace wraps to me it is more effective for me. I'm so pleased with my results already :-). I massage my abds & flanks daily and drink slots of water!!!!
I had Vaser done almost 2 weeks ago. I agree that it was not as "pain-free" as advertised and the "drive yourself home thing" wasn't too accurate either. The anesthesia part was the worst. Very painful. After that, the actual fat melting and suctioning wasn't too bad, painful at times. Maybe that's when it hit places that weren't very numb. Don't know. I was barely able to walk when I got home. Laying down was tough too. Switching positions while laying was challenging as it was painful to move. Like a extreme ab workout??? No way, more like a Mac truck hit me several times...

Anyway, after about a week, things were starting to improve. Now at 2 weeks almost, I am still swollen, only a little discomfort. I'm wearing my compression garment but I'm wandering if it is tight enough. The one I was fitted for pre-op was too small so I ended up having them exchange it for a medium. Now that I'm not as swollen, I'm wandering if I need that small size.

Does anyone know how tight the compression garment should be?? My doctor said at my 1 week follow up that I could switch to spanx but I don't know how tight it should be. Any suggestions?
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