UK Vaser Post One Day!

Before making my decision to go through with vaser...

Before making my decision to go through with vaser i read this site from top to bottom, and it helped me immensely.

I wanted to share my experience as each one varies and there are a few things i experienced that may not have been mentioned on here.

I intitially went in for just my outside thighs (saddle bags) and top of my thighs, however while i was being prepared and measured i spontaneously decided to get my hips done also. It was another £1500 on top of what i was already due to pay, but both areas have been the bain of my life and i thought i have the rest of my life to worry about paying it off.

The process goes... Injection of local anesthetic quickly followed by the under this skin anesthetic, this is done by going under the skin do anethetize the whole area about to be worked on. This can be slightly painful in places as it can touch the areas that have not yet been numbed!

The first area to be done was my left leg, what neither i or the doctors had anticipated was that the bruise i already had in this area would cause me to feel pain in that area throughout the process, we stopped to top up the anesthetic and while it began to work on the rest of my leg the area with the bruise was still very painful, in the end he had to stay away from it.

The sensation of the doctor probing under the skin to melt the fat and then again to suck it out, is something very unusual and feels quite strange, however, after the discomfort of the first leg the follwing leg and both hips went without any real pain, possibly it was because i knew what to expect.

I had the machine in my eye line and saw the fat come through the tube. I'm not sure what the difference between good and bad fat is but they had said mine was very good as it was mostly fat and very little blood being sucked out. It is quite bizarre, but strangely elating to see the fat come through the tube into the container. When all areas were done they had taken almost 1 litre of fat from me (i'm told this equivalent to 2LB) and while this doesnt sound very much, the doctor had said he anticipated that i would drop a dress size when i reach my final results.

When i sat up i could immediately see the difference in my hips, i couldnt get a view of my legs and everything was quite swollen.

Next bit to be prepared for is the leaking of the liquid and fat still to make its way out. Quite a bit came out before i left the clinic, but all last night i continued to come out. I changed padding and trousers several times throughout the night and went to bed with several towels and padding under me. The final bit to come out seems to be just blood which looks awful but i am told this is normal.

Another very unattractive aspect is the compression garmet, with a special hole in place for when you need the toilet.

And i have just taken my first shower in it...again, not a nice feeling.

However, although i am in a little pain this morning it is nothing i can not deal with, a few painkillers here and there and i think i will be fine. The worst of the leaking seems to be over and i am extremely excited to be able to remove my garment in a couple of weeks and catch a glimpse of my new body.

I will post updates. Wanted to post pictures but sadly have no befores.

Hi all, This thread has been really useful. I am 5 hours post op having had Dr Woolf do three areas in London. I've had upper and lower back, flanks and outer thighs. It cost £5700. I had IV sedation and very glad I did! otherwise it would have been £4900. Dr Woolf was an artist and to be honest, I did a lot of research to select a surgeon and quite frankly, went with the guys that teach others and have more surgeries under their belt than anyone else. I have read some of the postings and have been hunting down immediate post op, because even though I have had great advice and instructions from Dr Woolf and the fantastic nurse and anesthetist, I am still looking for someone to really get to the low-down post op. There is tonnes of stuff re the actual procedure, and all I can say is only painful around the edges, and this is quickly stopped with a second squirt of anesthetic. So to help others, here is my immediate post op low-down! Immediately after the surgery we had a squeeze session to get out the ooze. I had a drain inserted just above the centre of my bum, and this really helps with drainage. Sadly, given that it was 6pm and I hadn't had anything to eat or drink I got really light headed. They immediately made me lie face up on the table and fed me a dextrose tablet and a lovely caramel biscuit. 3 mins later I was feeling wide awake again. Now, the thing nobody has really talked about. The dressings!! well, I had to half-put on the garment and the nurse then loaded me with padding...Including a delightful nappy (which with a few cuts is perfect and I am loving it in terms of preventing leaks). The slight problem is that I forgot to ask how and what to put on the dressings and what order! Don't make that mistake! Once I was all bundled up I put my clothes back on and went out to meet my friend who was picking me up. I had a cup of tea with sugar (not normally a sugar taker, but very good for shocks to the body), a bottle of water and a few more delicious biscuits. There was irritating pain in my thighs as I sat there, as I hadn't taken a pain killer and the anesthetic was wearing off. I had to walk around a bit, but generally, where you have the most pain during the procedure (around the edges) is where you will feel it post op before pain killer (which I'm on now and have NO pain). Had to wait half an hour to get blood pressure checked and once OK walked to the car park. I was really lucid and my friends commented on this. I was feeling quite high, and a bit shaky (and apparently looked quite pale). In the car I had the irritating pain in my thighs (not dissimilar to pins and needles), and a dull ache in my lower back. Bumps in the road were fine and not a problem at all. I just wanted to get home and lie flat. Once home I had a pain killer with a bowl of pre-prepared fresh fruit - which was a really good idea as I was feeling really sick in my stomach by now. This passed in a few minutes once I lay down and ate the fruit. It was quite uncomfortable (dull ache in back and pins in thighs and my left shoulder - which was a painful part that I couldn't be bothered to ask for more anesthetic, and just toughed it out. Lesson 2, don't tough it out! After about 30 mins the pain killer kicked in and my thighs went numb and finally my shoulder. I could finally lie on my back (yes, the entire region I had done - I like to think I am giving it extra compression!!!). I have a pillow under my knees as this is very comfortable and I recommend do to it if you've had your thighs done! My friends by this time had ordered food in and were in the living room. By hour 4, I needed the loo and so decided to change the dressings. Well, this was hilarious. I wanted to do it myself so I got used to it, but could not reach to either pull the soiled stuff out or put new stuff in, without taking the whole garment down. I was advised to do this lying down to prevent me from feinting - good advice, and also easier to keep stuff in position. I got all my new dressings ready, but this is the kicker - I didn't know what I needed to put where - I vaguely knew the order, and laid everything out in the order I thought it went...then I laid down on it, slowly unfastened the garment and wiggled out of it. Top tip, take off any other clothes first - sounds obvious, but I didn't to start with!!! I then started to pull out the old dressing and low and behold there was more and more and more of it, and different stuff i'd forgot to put on the bed, but was neatly laid out on my bedroom chair completely out of reach!!!!! So the hilarious bit was I couldn't see the holes and randomly shoved bits on it. One side which was leaking the most (it made noises like a waterbed!!!) and was really dark red, and this was the side I had tried to lie on when I first got back home. I managed to get everything on, but didn't have an opportunity to really squeeze anything out (and the reason I started surfing the internet to see if it was OK to just lie in bed for the first evening). I hope so. Tomorrow I shall give it a good squeeze and hopefully all will be well. I have just sent my friends home as you can tell, I'm totally fine and they need to get to bed! I'm still not sleepy but will try once I have reached 6 hours since arriving home (in an hour and a half) so I can take another pain killer before sleeping. I am worried about my garment - a very good brand, but I don't think it goes up over my shoulders high enough so I have ordered another one Macom if you are interested, and it is very comfortable. It finishes just under my bra strap at the front, so I am able to breath quite well. I think I shall keep this as my sleeping on and wear the fuller coverage through the day. So what next? I have been advised to get manual lymphatic drainage, and if possible, getting it done tomorrow. I shall see if anyone can do it, but it is a Saturday. So how many will I have - As many as I can, hopefully once per day. Yes it is expensive, but if I heal faster, and the swelling goes down faster, and I have fewer lumps it is worth it! By the way, I've not looked properly at the results yet, but I was one of those sad people with all kinds of rolls, a huge muffin top and a ledge at the top of my bum, I tried dieting, but it made my body even more uneven, and people commented on me looking fat even though I was a stone and a half lighter!!! The fatter I was (80kg) the smoother my body! Dr Woolf commented that he thought by the look of me, I only needed 2.5 ltrs removed - Until he got me naked ready for mark-up that is!!! In total I had 4 Ltrs removed - the absolute limit, using IV sedation. It would have been much less if I had not used it. Well, if anyone is interested (I have probably bored you all by now) I will post in a couple of days, just so the blow-by blow continues - again I am only being so detailed as I couldn't find the information I needed earlier, so I may as well start the thread! Kind regards C
Hi cfro, how are you? Your detailed experience was most helpful, thank you. I'm having my abdo and flanks done by dr wolf in 4 weeks. Feeling very nervous. How long after the op did you see the results? I've ordered 2garments already but I wondering whether i should order another smaller size. Do you think that's necessary?
Ann, How are you doing now??? I am having the surgery done and was told it was so easy. now after reading several post I am starting to get a little scared. I am healthy and not horribly overweight but I have always had a big belly roll due to my C-Section and cannot get rid of it. Now at menopause it seems to get worse. Are you doing ok now??
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