Lumpiness Post Lipo - Can Mesotherapy Help?

I have Vaser liposelection carried out on my upper...

I have Vaser liposelection carried out on my upper and lower abdomen last week. I did it because I would really like to be able to wear a bikini and close fitting dresses with confidence. The procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic and I found it quite painful at times. I was then in a lot of pain for the first 24hrs and have been uncomfortable ever since. There is some heavy bruising above my pubic bone area but that appears to be diminishing each day. There is swelling and a lumpy uneveness over both the upper and lower abs. I find the lumpiness really upsetting - I sometimes wish I'd never had it done. I have been really good at wearing the compression garment provided 24hrs a day but as soon as you take it off the lumps and bumps reappear very quickly.

How long will it take for the swelling to go down? Will the lumpiness even out in the next couple of months? I have heard that MESOTHERAPY may help with dealing with any lumpiness left as a result of the operation. Would you recommend this? Would treatments such as 'Velasmooth' or 'Accent' have any success here.

Dear, Ravensk1. I am going to have the same procedure a you have had with the same doctor tomorrow morning and am now petrified! How is your stomach now? Has the lumpiness improved? I really hope that you are feeling much better. Please, reply if you see this post. Kind regards Marie
Hi Marie, How have you got on? I am now roughly 6 weeks post surgery and I still have incredibly lumpy, uneven skin on my abdomen. The area also feels very sensitive to touch and my belly button area became very inflamed. I understand it can take up to 6 months to get the full benefit, but yesterday I decided that some ACCENT radio frequency (which is traditionally given for cellulite) on the area might help improve the appearance. I have to say that at present I still regret having the treatment. All I wanted was to be able to wear a bikini without feeling too self conscious and now I most definitely can't as I have the wrinkled folds of an old woman! Do let me know how you get on. I still seem to have some fluid areas of hardness and am really hoping that they go away soon. I found the advice about bromelein helpful (can be found in Holland and Barrett or the Pharmacist by the post office in Harrow) and Taurine also helps with inflammation. Email me directly if you prefer:- Kind regards, Katie
Hi Ravensk, I had a procedure done with your surgeon just 4 days ago, and am now mildly panicked after seeing this post. I had my upper and lower abs, lovehandles, back and the sides of the thighs. It was not comfortable at all and my stomach is quite bloated, but I have been hopeful that the results will be worth it after the first 6 weeks. Can you tell me how you are now? Also what does the bromelein do? Thanks
Dr Taghipour

He did not talk me through what to expect from the treatment or what the potential downfalls might be. When I saw him this week to have my stitches out and questioned whether the lumpy uneveness would go, he just shrugged.

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