Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo Combination for Stubborn Abs and Flanks

I had Vaser liposuction and SmartLipo for skin...

I had Vaser liposuction and SmartLipo for skin tightening on June 29, 2009. I will be writing monthly results and obtaining pictures eventually from my doctor (sorry no digital camera!)

-Bruising and swelling but equivalent to the result of a brutal circuit set at the gym (no pain no gain right?)
-Compression garment must be worn 24/7 for the first month though; my doctor firmly believes this will help in the fuild passing and skin tightening

-Instantly noticed reduction in ab fat and flanks; expecting more improvement across the next 3-6 months as junk fluid (liquified fat etc) continues to pass out of my body and swelling goes down.
-Heading back to work with one day post-operative rest.

Why I did it
I was a fat child and lost a lot of weight heading into my early 20s (about 60 pounds). My abs and flanks reduced as well but I could not reduce anymore.

I could have paid $4K USD for a nice vacation this year for pleasure and enjoyment, or spend the same to make a dramatic positive change to my body appearance which would last me for life with proper care ... $4K USD doesn't seem that expensive when you put it in that perspective =)

I was advised SmartLipo alone wouldn't get me the results I wanted, only Vaser Lipo would do this. However, the doctor used SmartLipo to tighten my skin after. I'd ask around for different medical opinions ... i.e. perform your own due diligence!

How long after your procedure before you could go out and walk around? How long before you could fly? I was wanting to have the vaser and smart lipo done, but need to know how long before I can return to work and fly? PS I would love to see your photos!
Hello! No pics yet (I am waiting to go on vacation LOL) but I am happy to report that my skin is tightening up a lot (June 30 '09 was my operation). I think a lot has to do with continual regular exercise which promotes new lean muscle tissue. At 4 weeks I was also a bit 'doughy' as you say ... it will tighten up over time and exercise will accelerate this process. Also, keep using the abdominal binder (aka girtle thing) to help with skin tightening .. it's a bit uncomfortable but it helps with the skin tightening.
Thank you so much for your quick response. I'm still wearing my girtle - it's a wee bit of a passion killer but I have grown to love it, much like a bad dog that insist on going potty on your floor...I'm back exercising now and it feels great. In the very beginning, I felt a sense of panic since even though right after the procedure, I looked great but after that, I felt swollen and doughy (not a sought after look...) and I thougt this procedure was not "working"; however, lately, I have notice a flatter stomach. I guess I was just getting freaked out because some reports are "Look at me! I have lost 12 dress sizes!" That has not happened but I am much more "toner" in my ab area. Please post your pics once you have them. Love to see them.
Dr. Mark Rosengarten

Dr. explains everything bluntly and plainly with no sugar coating and sets realistic expectations and guidance for post-op care. He is a true professional and comes highly recommended.

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