Upper Eyelid Surgery Creates Lower Eyelid Bags

A month after upper eyelid surgery I still have...

A month after upper eyelid surgery I still have gelatinous bags under my LOWER eyes which developed the morning after the first night I slept without being elevated. The doctor says they will go away in time. Is this true?

I had upper eyelid surgery and now have geatinous bags under my eyes. The first eye was done 3 weeks ago the second one week ago. I am told they will go away in TIME. Anyone else with this experience?


I had my uppers done and because it turned out so great I send my Best Friend to the same PS. After about 3 weeks she started to have bags and swelling under her LOWER eyes. did not happen with me. The bags are gone now (After 3 months) But the skin on the lower lids is kind of weird and has LOT'S of wrinkles she did not have before the upper surgery!weird....It's getting better every week but I am not so sure if she will ever have 'normal' lower lids like BEFORE the surgery ...I feel really bad since it was me who send here there.... So hang in there and take it week by week. I did hear that Laser could help. But what kind I don't know. There are so many....I do hope you feel better soon!
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I had both upper and lower. All I can say is with any surgery done to upper part of your face, it makes the rest of your face look more aged. The circles could be that result. My eye lid surgery was a disaster, and currently seeking advise on reversion methods. However, in regards to your question, yes it is normal, and only getting additional surgeries, such as face lift or derma fillers, (that are not long term results), laser rejuvination will help.
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I wish I could answer your question. Same thing has happened to me. I had a mini lift and now I have these bags under my eyes. I didn't even have surgery on my eyes. It has been 2 months and mine are still there. I am considering lower eyelid surgery now. I am disgusted. I haven't been able to enjoy my mini lift as of yet as I am so worried about these bags. I hope someone can answer your question.
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Dr. Andrew Zorbis

So far so good and insurance paid for it.

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