Uneven Results/swelling After Restylane Lip Injection.

I had my first restylane injections ten days ago...

I had my first restylane injections ten days ago in my upper lip only. I'm happy with the size of my bottom lip and just wanted to fill in my very thin upper lip to match. I wanted it to look very subtle and tasteful. My doctor and I were conservative (less than half a syringe) and after the swelling went down I was pleased with the results. Only my sister and I could tell I'd had it done and it looked great.

But after a week I noticed that it was uneven and the fullness had diminished so I went back for a touch up today. I was treated by a different doctor today and before I knew it he started injecting the right side of my bottom lip, which I DID NOT WANT TOUCHED! When I reacted he was rude to me and told me that I had to have the bottom done or it would be uneven - even though I had a 1 to 3 ratio already.

Immediately afterwards my lips were swollen but I figured it would go down and not be a problem. But now nine hours later my bottom lip is sooo swollen and totally uneven. It feels like a have a marble on the right hand side (whereas on the left it feels the size of a pea). I've been icing it and just took a benedryl. My upper lip looks great but my bottom lip is way too big. I did not swell like this (lumpy and uneven) the first time.

Help! My bottom lip is so unevenly swollen! The right side is almost twice the size of the left 9 hours after the injection. It did not look like this after the procedure but gradually grew. Is this only from swelling? Should I consider getting hyaluronidase? I would like this resolved within a few days as I'm taking a high profile vacation next week.
Dr. Eric Seiger

He didn't even let me explain what i wanted before he came at me with the needle. When I pulled away he said and i quote "let me do my thing".

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I have recently had teosyal kiss in my top lip, in three days the swelling has gone down, but have a few lumps on the inside of my lips. I do hope this will settle down????????
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you might not want to hear this but i think your lips look like angeline jolie, (compliment) everyone i know whos had their lips done it goes so quick, i had hylese under my eyes i wouldnt recommend it, the skin under my eye looks crepey, keep massaging it and use ice im sure that will help
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Gosh, that looks painful! Your poor lips. Sorry mostly about that rude doc though. Some of these plastic surgery docs seem a bit creepy. I wonder about how the lips fare after these injections. I wonder about the skin sagging if you don't inject after their being so puffed out...I noticed one actress who had hers done looked like her lips were about to burst, and the pink skin was curled down abnormally. Gosh it's painful to even think about.
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