Under-eye Collagen Injections, a Living Nightmare

All my life, I have had under eye bags but as I...

All my life, I have had under eye bags but as I approached 40, they looked even worse. I was tired of people asking me if I was tired or sick. So, as a "present" to myself, I got under eye collagen injections.

Here is where the nightmare begins...Both eyes GREATLY swelled up, especially the right one. The left eye turned black. I looked like I got beat up. I had way more swelling than what I was told to expect and went back to the doctor who informed me that I needed an image makeover and that I should come back and have my lips done. She couldn't wait to shuffle me out of the office. I was in tears. I look far worse than I did before. These so called injections took what little self-esteem I had about my looks and destroyed it.

Now, here it is more than 6 months later and I still look like I have been punched in the right eye, the swelling is still VERY obvious. I get asked constantly who beat me up, did I press charges, etc. In short, I avoid eye contact with people and feel horribly ugly. I LIVE FOR THE DAY the swelling goes away and the doctor who did this to me gets royally sued by someone who has the money to do so.

PLEASE DO NOT GET UNDER EYE COLLAGEN INJECTIONS! RUN! Accept what God has given you, I wish I had. For those of you who may be wondering, I had only one vial injected, split between the two eyes. It didn't even get rid of fine lines and made the ones that were there, worse.

FEEL FREE to email me your cell number and I will GLADLY send you the multiple pictures I have of what I looked like after the procedure and today. Yes, it is better but not by much.


OH, and limit salt, it tends to make you hold fluids. I have allergies and anemia so iron pills and not rubbing at my eyes will help, and cool cucumbers for 15 min. try these ideas, but I really think a talk show could help . Really tell your story.
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My sister tried hyaluronidase and she said it helped alittle but she still has the sac under her eye where they injected the filler. I also still have the SAC under my eyes also that will not go away after 8 months now. I feel like I need to wear my glasses all the time to hide it!
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I had restylane put in my eye bags in Oct. 2011 and it is May of 2012 and my eyes still have an extra bag like a sac on top of my other eye bags. Every couple of months it fills up and gets so puffy it feels like it is going to pop. It also gets really sore like I have been punched in the eye in the whole area.The one eye is worse than the other. People ask me what happened to your eye it's all swollen and red. It is horrible and I just don't know what to do. I went back to my Dr. and he said of no that is way gone now it only lasts 6 months. Well something went wrong and I just don't know what to do! I feel everyone's pain that is dealing with this same problem. I would never get restylane put around my eyes again! I agree that it shouldn't be used around the eyes at all. Leaves empty sac's that fill up with fluid and stays sore!
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She could not show me before and after pictures of people who she did this procedure on yet claimed to do it "all the time." MY DUMB mistake for trusting her. She made many grand promises all capitalizing on my life long desire to get rid of the under eye bags and now they look worse. When I went back to complain about the black eye and massive swelling, she couldn't have cared less...she already squeezed $500 out of me. I left crying and never went back.

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