Tummy Tuck Recovery 9 Weeks Post Op

I went in for a mini tummy tuck to remove excess...

I went in for a mini tummy tuck to remove excess fat from 3 pregnancies and when the surgery was done he performed a full tummy tuck which I did not want because of the possible complications like the moving of the belly button, the longer scar and longer recovery. I also had a breast lift and implants for a small c cup and am a full c cup at the moment. I only wanted a lift and the doctor said I would lose a whole cup size and that he would need to add implants.

I am 9 weeks post op of tummy tuck. The entire muscle around the belly button is still swollen, hard and sore. I also have two red marks as you can see and the doctor said he didn't know what this is. When I sit there is a bump above the belly button. Is this normal? Also, is it normal to go in for a mini tummy tuck (I was firm about only wanting a mini tummy tuck) and come out with a full tummy tuck? He was a no show on my 1 day check up and 2 other check up visits.

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Because he didn't listen to me and perfomed a full tummy tuck against my wishes.

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Hi I'm so sorry to hear that you have had so much trouble. I sure hope that you will feel better soon, but if you have just had a full tt, i would suggest that you be patient. This is a major change in your body and it takes time for you to heal. Scares will also fade alot in time. The pain should also decrease in time but you have to be patient. Good luck!
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Hi. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I am trying to decide on a doctor for a tt as well, and I happen to live in your area. I am having a hard time deciding on the right doctor. I have heard alot of negative outcomes on Realself and I am very worried. Would you mind emailing me with your doctor's name? Thanks.
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It is frustrating to me that so many people do not communicate with their doctors. We (I'm a doctor, but not in any field that would provide any of these self improvement procedures) are not mind readers. Talk to us, tell us why you are happy, tell us why you are unhappy, tell us what you are thinking!
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My husband and myself were extremely thorough with what we wanted and communicated it loud and clear to the doctor. We are insurance brokers that specialize in medical mal practice and we knew exactly what we wanted done and what we didn't want done and were extremly specific to the doctor that I did not want a full tummy tuck and big breasts. I wanted only a lift but was told I would lose a whole cup size and so we would have to have implants put in to compensate for the loss of breast from the lift.
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Bella, the difference in your original post and then your response to my comment does tend to be a bit confusing, seems that if you have in depth experience in medical malpractice, you would not have to ask the questions you asked in your original post. With that said, Those are questions you should be talking to your doc about. I would be pretty hot if my doc did not show for scheduled appointments for post-op follow-up, or any appointment for that matter, again something sounds fishy. In regards to your question about going in for a mini and coming out with a total TT. If is very common for a doctor to have a surgical plan but have to change things up once he/she is actually inside the body. There are a lot of things that could have determined why he felt the need to do a complete TT, maybe he once inside he realized that a mini would not have given you the results you had relayed to him that you wanted to obtain. As far as the implant thing goes, All my research has shown a breast lift is going to result in lost tissue, so if you don't have enough to spare then implants will be needed. This is what has held me up. My work and lifestyle does not tolerate 3 months of healing and no physical activity. Try using ultrasound for the hardened spots. It works great in these situations. You will need to do it a couple times a week. I would be asking lots of questions at this point though. But unless you are super tiny, I mean in stature, I think you would get used to a C cup, I have that naturally and am more than satisfied, I would just like a little lift, but as I said above, at this time in my life a lift is not worth what goes along with it. Good luck
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omg. that's so horrible. have you talked to your doctor about it? if he hasnt addressed your concerns, you should contact the board of plastic surgeons.
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