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What Can I Say?!? Waited 21 Years to Get Rid of Nasty-looking Belly

I know what the pros are supposed to be however I...

I know what the pros are supposed to be however I haven't gotten there yet the cons for an extended tummy tuck is the horrid pain, swelling and fear the extreme (14 lbs worth) swelling would put me BACK in need of TT.

I did it because I was (still am) confident in the dr I chose, his work is amazing. He is always accessible and certainly caring towards his patients. I waited 21 years to get rid of the nasty looking belly I always tried to hide.

I am 12-13 days post op from full tummy tuck, no lipo. I gained 14lbs within first 48 hours, have lost all but one pound. Still have drainage tubes in that are very painful and can't wait to have removed. Ok, told you about severe swelling because I want to know if it would somehow be responsible for continued EXTREME difficulty urinating. Have maintained binders abs STIILL felt like I would explode just TRYING to urinate!!!! Did not have this problem BEFORE surgery though did once after birthing 3rd child. Did not last as long as this.... Any ideas ? My doc at a loss.
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I live in WV and I had two c-sections 15 years ago. I'm not 36 and I'm still wanting my stomach corrected but unfortunately still can't afford it. I will keep hope that one day I can have the surgery to remove the "butt" on the front of my stomach. I'm happy that you were able to do it for yourself.
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Please read my other post. When you have scars on your belly before the tt you more likely to have dead skin like I did. Ask your Doctor. Dead skin is from lack of blood flow to that area due to scaring. I had my TT Oct 5. I have now had 3 surgeries. I still have a deep hole the size of my little finger that he "hopes" will heal from the inside out. It has been a month and it hasnt yet. I dont know what he will do next. Bev
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Oh yeah, meant to mention that am less than pre op weight!!! Took couple weeks but MOST of swelling is gone except for belly button and actual scar area. The numbness and pain feel weird but then when took pics in bra & panties to send to my deployed husband.... Thought it worth it!!!
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Well, 4 weeks out and though loving how I look, still get so worn out doing very little. You never realize how everyday little things DO use your abs... even simple household chores. omg!! Do I pay for it later!!!! Can't sleep because am in so much pain. Was complaining about how much I still hurt to my obgyn...... He looked at me Like I was an idiot and told me it IS a 3 month recovery, what do you expect?... Wearing the binders and compression things DOES help. Massaging scar has made visible difference fast. Think expecting worst would make recovery easier. BE confident in your Dr, mine welcomes calls and concerns ANY time and be sure Dr wants you to have realistic expectations on outcome. Hope your experience is a great one!
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dabears how are you doing now? I have mine Oct 5th and I am so scared. bdgarrison@charter.net Bev
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Thanks for the encouragement !! I needed that!! Apparently I had a bladder infection on top of everything else. Still swollen but tubes out, THANK GOD!! I get so exhausted doing so little, dunno how long that'll last. Feel very overwhelmed emotionally and am sure that doesn't help. My hubby is deployed to middle east and we have 6 kids between us.... So, lots to weigh a mind down. Lol. Please let me know how your progression goes so I have a better idea of what to expect. Kudos on the extra weight loss!! Must feel and look great!! Thanks again
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I'm 5 weeks out from my extended tummy tuck. For the first two weeks I had difficulty urinating as well. I would just have to sit on the toilet and work at it for what seemed like an hour. I really think it is because of our muscles being pulled together and we just have to learn how to use them again in order to urinate. After week 2 it became much easier. I also gained 15 lbs after surgery, however I have lost all of that plus 10 more at 5 weeks post op. So stay off the scale, let your body get rid of that extra fluid and once your drain tubes are out, then start weighing. You have a lot of healing to do. I still have swelling at 6 weeks post op, but when I get implants the Dr is going to do a revision, lipo a little more in tummy and tighten up a little more of the skin. But I had a lot of skin to get rid of. I had lost 110 lbs prior to surgery. My drains came out at about 3 weeks post op and it seemed like forever. Hang in there, when your body no longer needs them, they will dry up.
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