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TT Scar Above Pant Waistline

I had a TT 14 mos ago. The actual flatness of my...

I had a TT 14 mos ago. The actual flatness of my stomach is good; however, much more importantly to me is how it appears. The scar is way too high and has an odd shape and my belly button is awful. I feel like I look like something out of a horror flick. Also, the pain was worse than my multiple birth c-section and I had lingering pain for almost a year. Still have substantial numbness.

I am mortified with not only the appearance of the scar but the location which is WAY too high and is literally visible above everything (99%) of all my clothes. I wear conservative clothes (suits)and the scar comes out at top. Also, the belly button is the most unnatural thing I have seen.I would like to see if there is any poss to correct-lower and mk bb look somewhat natural- but my skin is now so tight, I am not sure if this is even a possibilty.This impacts me everyday.

Looks like he tried to keep the dolphin.
Hi there, My scare looked just like yours. I'm 4 months post op now and I feel much better about it. The shape above the bellybutton is how it should be and the scar is where it is because you didn't have enough skin to pull. That's what I was told about myself and now I beleive it. Be positive. I've had some tuff times with feeling like a monster, trust me! However I sware to you, I feel pretty darn good now. :-) You will too.
As someone who is having this procedure done in Tampa, I would really like to know who your plastic surgeon was so I can see if it is the same as mine.
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Scar sticks out of top of pants, and is odd shape -- belly button bears absolutely no resemblance of even a little natural. I have to think about the scar everytime I get dressed b/c it will stick out and I need to make sure I am covered. I went from wearing tankinis b/4 surgery to now I have to wear a one piece b/c afraid that in doing natural beach / pool things my tankini will rise and my scar will show.

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