TT, BA, Lipo on Inner/outer/lower Back - Drainage and Swelling Problems

I had a TT, BA, lipo on inner/outer/lower back....

I had a TT, BA, lipo on inner/outer/lower back. The over all experience was just like my C-section. The only bruising was the lipo areas and the pain was really the lipo areas not the stomach.

I would deffinitly do it again and I am only 6 weeks PO. I did it because I always looked pregnant no matter what I wore or eat or how hard I worked out. Bad enough, that people would ask me fairly regularly if I was prego or when was I do. Beside the fact I was constantly un-happy with my look.

I know I have a large scar, but it is worth the trade off.

I no longer wanted to look prego.. I have a...

I no longer wanted to look prego..

I have a question for you in reffence to the swelling in lower abdomen area. I had a TT, lipo on inner/outer thigh 6 weeks ago. I am still swollen slightly in lower back, thighs & all over ab area. I wore the compression garment the hole time and was just told by Dr. that I did not have too any more. Well.. My question to you?? Is I still have fluid pockets in lower ab/gutt area. He says it is hard to drain cuz it is now in pockets due to skin had re-connected in spots. Therefore he would have to guess or just poke around alot hoping to drain it. Did anyone have this problem? I just wondering if this is normal? Thanks -- Updated on Jan 4, 2010: NEW QUESTION!! Now 7 1/2 months later... Hi.. I am hoping that you might have some advice for me. I have pics of before and after if this helps. I had a TT/BA with inner/outer thigh lipo in May 09 (7 1/2 months ago) and I still have a prego look. I only weighed 132 at 5'2 when I started (my heaviest after two kids). I looked 6 months prego then, but now I still look 4-5 months prego. My BA is fine, but no noticable change in the inner & outer thighs. I also only lost 4 pounds during the surgery process. I just had another check up today and he says that I am not fat, but that I have underlying fat around organs, which is pushing my stomach out. He says that I can't do lipo, because lipo is just for fat under the skin, not fat under the mussel. So... I am stuck right? He says my options are: Go under the knife to check stiches or go to the gym more than the 4-5 days I am already going. I don't eat perfect, but I dont have a problem going to the gym. I interviewed 12 Dr's before choosing one and everyone of them said I could expect a flat stomach, since I had good elasticity and I was not over weight. Is there anyway I can confirm stiches without surgery? I can't believe I went through so much grief and money, not to be satisfied. Any advice? Thank you.
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He is very complete and answers all questions. Never in a hurry. Always has time. Bedside manner is the #1 best. WOW.. So far he has been dead on with everything for me. Really an incredable Dr. I would let him work on my children god forbid they needed a plastic surgeon.

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I got your message and replied I hope it can help in some way. I can tell you this-what I noticed about your story compared to mine was that you did not have much pain. I could not stand up straight for a very long time-my tummy years and years later is still numb-which is great because I have all my scars tattooed to hide them and it was not so bad since most the areas are still numb. I just do not think he did any abdominal repair. My c-section was a breeze compared to what I went through with the ab repair and butt lift-kinda a lower body lift but we left out my legs which were fine. Many years later (yes I workout) I still have a flat tight tummy. I hope things work out for you-wish you could add some photos.
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Hi Stay Young, I was just wondering if the DOC was planning on leaving that fluid in those areas or does he think they will eventually go away ?
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He believes they will go away on there own. He says in order to get the fluid out now, I would have to be pricked like a "pin cushion". He also feels that my swelling, which is my entire abdomen area, not just lower belly. Will go down in time. So I just have to be patient... Very hard thing to do... Also he mentions that even if a slight revision or if I want something done sooner, he can't do anything before six months. So, it's a wating game.
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