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Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift After Pregnancies (5', 130lb)

I had a TT and a breast lift exactly 2 weeks ago...

I had a TT and a breast lift exactly 2 weeks ago today. I cannot begin to explain how excited and impressed I am. The surgery itself lasted about 6 - 8 hours, I was able to go home that night. (My husband only needed to take 2 days off work to help me, I could get around ok).

The breast lift was wonderful!! I breastfed two kids and had large areolas. When I would lean over my breasts resembled raisins!! I have the cutest, perkiest size b-c boobs ever, and my areolas are very small. He moved my nipples right up on top and made my areolas a lot smaller. Pain for the breast lift was very minimal...those drains came out the next day.

As far as the tummy tuck, that was a little more painful but I saw great results the next day!! My tummy is so flat I am already back at work after 2 weeks...not too bad, desk job no running around or anything. I am able to sweep the leaves off the driveway with no problem.

I should be having my drains removed tomorrow. I had three drains; one on each lower hip and one above pubic area...that part sucks!!! Very hard to wear clothes!! I can only wear stretchy clothes for now, mostly to accommodate for the drains. You can't shower until the drains are completely out...so no actual shower for two weeks now. My wonderful husband has been washing my hair in the sink!!

I just can't believe how wonderfully flat my tummy is. I thought for sure I would be the exception! I had loose skin after having two kids and belly fat but my biggest complaint would be when wearing jeans, the pooch right above. (Muffin top). I always felt like there was an innertube around my waist. This totally took that away!!

I am 5' and about 130 pounds pre-surgery. Haven't weighed myself since the surgery but that really doesn't even matter anymore. My tummy is so flat, I know I'm smaller. Everyone I have shown my new belly to can't believe it!! (And like I said, it's only been 2 weeks!) My doctor keeps telling me to quit being so excited cause I haven't even seen the final results yet!! lol

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I have the best doctor ever!!! Highly recommend him!! Explains everything in detail, never in a hurry, always excited to see me. He has a wonderful personality too, not your typical boring textbook doctor!!!

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I am still loving the tummy tuck! My stomach is still flat and tight as ever! There is still a scar...on the bikini line. He will ask you to bring in a pair of underwear that you want the scar below (you will wear these to the hospital on the day of surgery) and he will make sure the scar is below that. As far as pictures, I do not have any. I had stretch marks above my belly button (had a 9lb baby and I'm only 5' tall, it was inevitable) anyways, the stretch marks removed during the tummy tuck are the ones below the belly button...those were gone. So the ones I had above my belly button before are now on my lower abdomen. (He made me a new belly button and everything...it's actually pretty cute). A year and a half later and I would still recommend Kasden.
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I just came across this and was wondering how you like your tummy tuck now? Is your scar straight and low down because I'm a perfectionist and I'm considering this Dr., just curious. Any pics?
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i think hes grat doctor,have fun and enjoy ur time...

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Scott Kasden in the southlake town square. Call him for a consult 817-416-9980. Great doctor. You will like him from the moment you meet him!!
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ready for a tummy tuck in dallas fort worth southlake area. any recommendation?
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Three months after surgery and I feel great...no limitations, no pain. I still have some numb areas on my hips and abdomen, but definitely no pain. I use prescription scar cream once a day. Right now, the scars are worse than ever. They did warn me at the doctor's office that they would look red, puffy and raised at the three month mark and not to worry. They were right. It's not too bad though...just itch and really dry. This should only last a couple of weeks. All of the swelling is totally gone and I look and feel great. Would do it all over again!!

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Please tell me which doctor you used, and also how things are going for you (scars, pain, etc.) 3+ months after the surgery. Thanks!
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It has now been 7 weeks since my surgery and I am able to do everything, no limits. I am still numb in my lower abdomen, hips and thighs...could take awhile for the muscles to fully recover, but am not feeling any pain. If I could do it all over again, I would! Waiting until the winter is so smart!! If I would have known about having to wear the drains and baggy clothes for first couple of weeks, I would have waited! So much easier to cover up and hide drains with sweaters!! I live in Texas in 100 degree heat...was a lot harder! I took off a total of 11 days from work. I still go to the doctor for check ups once a week. Great doctor!! I should be getting my scar cream tomorrow. (Appt's only take about 15 minutes, easy to fit in during a lunch break if you work close to your doctor).
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Thanks for sharing your experience! I am considering having a tummy tuck in January (waiting till January due to needing to have revisional surgery from breast lift and augmentation in June) Neways, I would only be able to take off 11 to 17 days. I thought this would be enough time but lately I've been reading how unbearable the pain is and how long recovery is. Reading your story gives me hope. =) Did you have muscle repair as well? Please keep us updated.
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