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Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy Weight Loss (120lb Before, 196lb During Pregnancy)

I had the tummy tuck because I was 196Ibs when I...

I had the tummy tuck because I was 196Ibs when I pregnant with my daughter, I never weighed more than 120Ibs before pregnancy. I worked out every day, I ran, did weights the whole thing and yet I could never get rid of that loose piece of skin on my lower stomach.

I am thrilled with the results, although I am not sure if my scar could have been a little lower. The breast implants were a bonus and I am still trying to adjust to those as they have not taken the complete shape yet. My only issue right now is swelling of my hips and I am not sure if that is normal.

I am now 8 weeks in to my tummy tuck and breast...

I am now 8 weeks in to my tummy tuck and breast implants and I am over all pleased with the results. I am just concerned about swelling on my hips, is that normal? I have a scar from hip to hip but did not have any muscle work done. I also seem to have a very noisy tummy now, the growling happens whether I am hungry or not and it is so loud.
your stomach looks awesome. scar is barely visible.
Julie, my scar is healing beautifully and I am so thrilled with the results. I still keep the tape on the scar that the dr. gave me, I take it off for 1 day and apply mederma. For me the tummy tuck was the best.
amazing! I am considering a tt after having had a big baby. I am petite like you and although I only gained 30 pounds, it was literally all baby. My tummy is a mess!!! Seeing results like yours make me feel more confortable about having this procedure. How is your scar healing?
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was so good and is staff are great. Even though this is an elective surgery it can still be very scary and they were all so understanding. Love them all including the team at The Jacksonville Surgery Center

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