Tummy Tuck & Lipo - Frustrated with Incision Problems

I am three weeks post-op and my incision looks...

I am three weeks post-op and my incision looks terrible. (I had a tummy tuck and lipo) On day 5 I developed an infection, ended up in the ER and was given Keflex to help combat it. I called my Doctor's office the next day as instructed and they didn't see me for almost 8 days after my ER visit.

It's been 4 days since my DR visit and he told me that I have one of two options. I can let my incision heal the way it is and see how it looks or I can have him go back in and "fix" the area free of charge. I decided to wait and see how it heals but in the meantime I am left with an open area on my incision (right above my pubic bone) that is approx 2-3 inches long and having to place a saline dressing on it 2-3 times per day. The area where the infection was looks pretty deep and is such a hassle.

I have been so depressed because of all of this extra bs that has happened. My Doctor doesn't seemed rattled by it but I can't help but be upset. I don't think I have had unreasonable expectations, I just want to be normal. I can understand having to be swollen and deal with the compression garments but this on top of everything is driving me nuts.

If there are any Doctors out there can you help shed some light on this? How long can I expect this to take to heal? If any one else has had similar experiences I would love to hear how you coped. I read alot about the tummy tuck procedure before I went through with it ( I wanted it for 9 years ) and I have never read anything close to what I am experiencing.

I will rate this "WORTH IT" because I think that once everything heals the way it should I will look much better before but if I was only looking at NOW- I would say NO.

If there are any Doctors out there can you help shed some light on this? How long can I expect this to take to heal? If any one else has had similar experiences I would love to hear how you coped. Thanks!!


Ok I'm 13 weeks out and still have a hole leaking fluid. I had a spot to die and had to have it cut out 4 weeks out, it drained for 5 more weeks. It did better and I had a scab come up about the size of a dime. Thought I was in the clear. Then it came off and a smaller one came up about the size of a q-tip stick. I also started swelling a lot below my scar. When it started burning and bothering me I went back to see the Dr. He stuck in end of a q-tip in it and said I still had a hole. He wants me to put hibiclens on a q-tip and stick in the hole and let it heal from the inside out. So my husband does this and fluid goes everywhere. Swelling went down, 4 days still draining. I don't know if I need to see another Dr. or if anyone else has had anything like this 13 weeks out.
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I read Real Self daily to see if any others are having similar issues. I am 43, had a full tt & liposuction 3 weeks ago. My tt has a Huge, Deep Hole right in center of incision. I'm scared to death! My Dr assures me that I'm not going to die! (I'm a little paranoid) &with proper dressings it will heal. I have been sooooo depressed, my 2 little boys start school in1 week, & the thought of me causing them anxiety over mommy's "tummy ache" is so upsetting. I am on Keflex, change dressings twice daily, and sit and worry. ..i wish happy healing to all.
I went through the same kind of thing. My skin scabbed n came apart in the middle of my incision because the skin was so thin there and had poor circulation. It came apart and was 9 cm wide and 3 cm tall and about 1 cm deep. Its very sick looking but its a risk i took with surgery it is no ones fault. It is slowly closin and i am healin. I am 5 weeks post op. My dr and his nurses r fantastic they see me 2-3 times a week and they debride it (dig out dead tissue to help new tissue grow faster), they arranged for home care to come to my house twice a day to change my dressings and clean it and in 3 weeks after i have heald a bit more he is going to cut it out and sew it up to make it look nice n close the wound. I am not thrilld about this situation but i am in good hands and countin down til it is all over
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