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Numb Outer Thigh Possible Meralgia Paresthetica Post FTT & LS

Pros: Internal hernia muscle repair which was...

Pros: Internal hernia muscle repair which was affecting lower back. Removal of loose and sagging skin. Body contouring for smoother appearance.

Cons: Possible permanent nerve damage, hip to hip scar. Recovery time that takes me away from being able to care for my family.

I am 8 days postop from a FTT with minimal LS to the flanks and hips.

I am on the petite side, 5'3" weighing 119 preop.

Immediately following SX I experienced a hot, searing, shooting pain down my right thigh after using the restroom for the first time.

The pain would return at various movements, getting in and out of bed, shifting positions, lifting hips in a laying position, etc...

Turns out my femoral cutaneous nerve was entrapped by 6 internal sutures which I had removed yesterday.

The searing pain is thankfully gone but the outer right portion of my thigh (1 inch above knee and 4 inches below hip) is numb to the touch but I feel slight burning, tingling and little electrical shocks beneath the surface of the skin.

When I touch along the incision particularly at the outer right portion close to my hip, it feels particularly sensitive and seems to aggravate where my thigh is numb. Could there be another nerve that is compressed, damaged or entrapped there?

How common is it to be numb in the thigh post abdominal surgery? Is it from the LS or TT and how long could it take for feeling to return?

I am a dancer and avid golfer and am right side dominant and would like to do everything possible to get this fixed before it becomes a permanent condition...

Very much appreciate any and all replies! If the nerve damage is permanent or takes years to recover I would say the procedure is not worth the risk and I if I had the chance to rethink my decision, would not have done it.

If the nerve damage is only temporary then I would be happy with my decision but do not feel I would attempt plastic surgery again...

Is this Meraglia Paresthetica by chance [see story below]? How can I know if it is permanent and when and would you recommend a Nerve Conduction Velocity test or Electromyography?
Name not provided

My PS has been nothing but professional, his ability, level of service and compassion are second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any and all procedurs. He is a true artist and an exceptional surgeon.

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I am 3 days post operation, I did a bilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair. The moment I woke up and tried to move my left leg I felt a terrible burning pain in my left thigh and I relaized there is something wrong with my leg nerve. The surgeon says everything is Ok but I don't believe so, I am going to see a good neurologist after few days. I hope he can help. I've read many articles saying that Laproscopic hernia repair may cause nerve damage, espcially to the LFCN (lateral femoral cutaneous nerve) causing something called Meralgia paresthetica! I hope the condition is not so bad.
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My pain went away after about 3 weeks. The numbness persists after 2 months, though.
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ArturoB, I am really thankful for your reply coz I see that the majority doesn't update about its status later on.
One question, did you feel the pain immediately when you woke up or after one day or two (it seems there is difference) and was the pain disabling (This night was a bad one and I couldn't sleep well because of pain and moreover if I try to walk it's a disaster).
Again, many thanks.
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I did feel the pain immediately after I woke up. If I didn't move I didn't feel anything. But whenever I tried to move, specially supporting my feet on the bed, the pain was excrutiating.

I started giving away and suddenly it went away.

One thing I noticed was it was mainly caused by the garments pressing against the nerves. I still felt it without then, but much less intense.

I guess you'll be fine. Don't know about the parasthesia (numbness) though.
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I yesterday went to a neurologist, he did a nerve conduction test and said there is minor latency in the lateral nerve but no severe damage.

He said I will be fine in two to three weeks and prescribed Lyrica as a nerve pain killer. I started using Lyrica and my leg bain has decreased, still feeling a little pain.

I will update when news happen.
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I wanted to update you on my condition.
After the third week, I can say that my condition is improving and the pain is almost gone, I still feel light pain when my leg is stretched.
I still feel the numbness and light burning, hope it will heal with time.
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I had my TT Aug.16th 2010 It has been 4 1/2 months and still not working and regret every minute of ever having this done. Such a big mistake. My stomach and outer upper legs are numb, I burnt my stomach with a heating pad and had blisters so never leave a heating pad on your stomach, I have scars from the blisters. I am bloated looking like I am prgnant and my belly button sticks out so far, it is disgusting. Does anyone know how much longer my stomach will be numb? My hips bones hurt when I first stand up and have to just stand there waiting for things to circulate, I am 48 yrs. I am thinking that because my drain plug on one side fell out the 1st day and had to go to the dr.s office 2 times a week for 2 months to have fluid drained out of me with needles is the reason I am taking so long to heal.
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I am so relieved to hear that I am not the only one with this shooting burning pain down my leg. My TT was done a little over 2 weeks ago and the pain in my leg is just as bad as my surgical pain. Luckily, my PS seems genuine and caring so far, he is trying to find out what is causing this. He is a qualified, board certified, highly respected physician who has been doing this for 30 years and he says he's never come across this before. Until I read these blogs, I thought something was wrong with ME! He started me on Neurontin yesterday. We'll see if it makes any difference. Because of this added pain, I am limping which makes ambulation very difficult, therefore really slowing down my healing process. And because my healing has been so slow, I still have both jp drains in and I am still taking Vicodin. I am thinking maybe the one of the tips of the drain is irritating the nerve and when they remove the drains, the pain will go away. But...this is really getting me down. I had not expected such severe pain and prolonged recovery time. I've had to put my life on hold for now. I am trapped at home, relying my family and friends. I can see how one can go into full blown depression when having an experience like this. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
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I am 11 days post op and have numbness in my upper left leg with a shooting burning pain going down if I stand or walk on it for more than 5 min. At my 1 week post op they removed my drains and said it would probly clear it. It has been 4 days since and I still get the pain. It is slowing my recovery and I am very depressed about it. I go for my 2 week this coming Wed. and I will post what they suggest.
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hi, 3 weeks PS, hernia repair and TT and yes I have the numbness, pain, wierd tenderness going down Rleg. Surgeon told me it was nerve damage due to bleeding/repair during surgery. Intense pain stopped about 1.5 weeks PS. waiting for result/return of feeling, has definitely slowed recovery as it is painful full movement of leg. I would love to hear from someone who had this and is further down the road in recovery.
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I had an abdominal hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. From the moment I woke up from surgery, I had horrible outer thigh pain. Like a burning or bee stings. I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable in bed. It is numb, and even my clothes touching my skin is painful. I also felt that due to positioning in surgery maybe I have a pinched nerve. Sometimes it feels a little better than other days. I really can't afford to see a specialist and my short term disability at work will be up in a few weeks and then I can't take any time off of work. Please tell me this will get better?
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Hi... I'm commenting because I'm almost two weeks post TT, no lipo or anything else and I have EXACTLY what you describe. A hot shooting, searing pain down my thigh. It's actually in two places and then a patch of numbness about 8 inches long from knee to thigh. I am trying not to worry too much since my leg has actually gone through changing sensation... it's now a raging sunburn feeling on the top skin but at least it's some feeling. I am hopeful this will resolve on it's own but am going in tomorrow for my post op final and will get some answers. I'll come back and post what he says. Thanks for putting up this post... I feel exactly as you do in that my results are beautiful, love my surgeon but if this nerve pain is permanent... I can't bear it. I'm a marathon runner so you can imagine how this would affect me long term! I was feeling very alone. More soon.
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Has it got better?
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HI, I too have lost feeling on my tummy as well as the hips down to half way down my legs on each side. Yes nerve damage I have been told. The feeling will never return because the skin on each hip side was pulled way to tight. You are right the Doctors here never seem to give a straight honest answer they always say go back to your Surgeon well we would not be here asking questions if our Surgeons weren't busy avoiding our questions. I regret so much now and yes my mons pub area may as well be at my waist, my belly button looks like you should swipe your credit card as it is just a slit, not round etc and yes too high. I do feel your pain and I too hope someone can help with our questions.
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Rosek, Are your hip and thighs completely numb? Do you have any sensation at all? How did you confirm that it was in fact nerve damage and when was your surgery? I really feel for you but hope you are doing okay despite this unfortunate complication...
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Hi, Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. A second opinion from a PS who was willing to give me answers in person but would not confirm in writing etc. The nerves have been cut completely, it happens sometimes but is not a common thing. The feeling will never return be it on my legs, thighs tummy etc. PS advised that surgeons who do this proceedure but not really specialise in are the ones who tend to do the most nerve damage. Hope this helps you
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Thanks judynq, yes, I'd heard numbness of the tummy is quite common and sometimes feeling does not return but I know it is pretty rare for the thighs to be numb particularly if no lipo was done to the thighs. I really wish some experts/doctors would reply but maybe there's a reason they're intentionally ignoring my post... Maybe it's an all too real complication they don't want to shed light on? It's very unfortunate that no surgeons have been willing to offer any advice, answers, or next steps. I expected more from this website and the doctors that are a part of it.
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it may be some slight nerve damage, but if the searing pain comes back for a certain amount of time, its time to see a doctor. i had a tummy tuck almost 3 years ago and i still do not have any feeling on the underside of my belly, which is strange, but i dont really care. but i have been told the feeling will come back over time, its only been a week and a half, maybe two. it takes some time.
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