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Hard Stomach and Permanent Sutures Safe for Future Pregnancy?!? Bad Scars After Breast Lift

I had the tummy tuck because I had already had...

I had the tummy tuck because I had already had three children close together and my skin was left saggy and stretched out. It was gross and really affecting my self esteem. Exercise did not help tone this skin at all so I had no choice but to resort to surgery to get rid of it. They cut 6-7 lbs of skin off.

I also had a breast lift with implants put in and those scars are very bad. And when I touch the area with the scars [on my breasts] I can feel my silicone gel implants even though I cant feel them when I push on the top of my boob. Its almost like they are sitting at the very bottom. My boobs including my nipples are always hurting...it is even uncomfortable for my boobs to be touched. Is any of this normal? I am very disappointed with my breast augmentation.

Total was 13,450. Tummy tuck was 6500 of that amount.

I had a tummy tuck 6 months ago and I have realized that my lower stomach feels very hard to the touch almost as though Im always flexing my stomach muscle and it almost looks like a small buldge. I work out at a gym but not so much that I should have a rock hard stomach. I am wondering why it is hard to the touch. I also did not know at the time of my procedure that my sutures running from my breast bone to my belly button were permanent...is it safe for me to get pregnant in a few years or would that cause my muscles to ripe open? thank you
I also had infections from my BA with Dr. Csikai. I had green puss coming out of my incisions for weeks after the surgery. At one point my stitches came apart and I could see inside my incisions and I had to get stitches AGAIN. It was disgusting. At the appointment I had to tell him about the infection he prescribed some kind of cream and I was under the impression it was for the infections but it was actually for redness I had around the incision area (we never talked about the redness only the infection). But because he didn't clarify what the the prescription was for I ended up putting it inside the open incisions! When I went to my follow up appointment after putting this cream inside of my incisions for at least a week he said he didn't know what all the white stuff was that was leaking out of my incisions....he said "it looks like fatty tissue"....but it was the prescription cream! That was when he told me the cream was for the redness around the incisions and had nothing to do with the infection. How does a board certified plastic surgeon confuse prescription cream with fatty tissue leaking out of an open incision?! The green puss and open wounds were the least of my problems compared to what I have gone through since the first of THREE surgeries I've had on my breasts to correct what he did. My life will never be the same again after being a patient of Dr. Csikai. I'm sick over it every day. Dr. Csikai overfilled my implants by more than twice their maximum capacity, lied to me about how many CC's they actually were, altered all of my medical records and disposed of most of my pictures. The first augmentation he did required 2 more revisions by him and a 4th revision/aggressive maxtopexy by another surgeon to fix what he did. I'm left with a ton of scarring and still have huge breasts. Knowing what I know now about him as a surgeon from other surgeons and also after what I've been through myself please consider yourself so lucky that you didn't end up so much worse. It's really scary to think about what he got away with doing to me. I've been told by 3 other surgeons that I was completely butchered. Please join me in filing a complaint against him with the State Board of Medical Licensing.
Booked for TT, Lift and Lipo Dec. 18th
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I had developed a few infections that were pussing and causing big holes to form in my incision line...When I brought this to my surgeons attention he actually ripped my scabs off instead of letting them heal properly...This caused even more scarring and he also told me that even though they were pussing green, that they werent infected. He instead referred to my infected areas as "weak spots" These areas resorted in large scars.

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