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So Glad I DID IT! Worth It!

I wanted to put this up now instead of waiting.....

I wanted to put this up now instead of waiting...so I answered some of the required fields with what I am hoping for....

I am 28, 5foot 7inches, 115pounds and a mom of two children. I have an 11 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I had my son when I was 17 and it destroyed my body. I have so much loose skin...i have to tuck it into my clothes. I met my husband 6 years ago and I always joked with him that I wanted him to just cut it and do me a huge favor. I had always spoke of getting a tummy tuck but never imagined I would get it so soon in life. My husband mentioned to me that if I stop smoking maybe we could look into the procedure. I finally did it on December 27th of 2008 and have not touched them since.

I have read all of the reviews and i am very nervous and scard. I had a breast augmentation in May of 2004 and that was not bad at all and I even had 2 drains!

I am counting down and I figured I would introduce myself and put my present picture up.

I had 2 consultations and finally ended up choosing my doc on the third try. He is the most expensive but has the best reputation and I think he will take very good care of me. The only thing that im not sure is normal is that...it seems like it done really quick with not many appointments. I went in on my consultation and he took pics and sold me on the procedure. I paid for 10% that day and they took measurements and told me to pick a day. I then called over last week and pd the rest over the phone and then today I got my rx in the mail.

SOOOOOO I just go in on the date of procedure and thats it????????

Does anyone have any advise on preparing me for the procedure???...like what to have bought before???

Well I had the surgery yesterday morning and...

Well I had the surgery yesterday morning and everything seems okay so far.  I went back in to the doc today and seen it....wow....low incision and a pretty belly button!  I am so happy so far.  He said he took 7 inches of skin off my belly and it lasted about 3 hours for just a full tummy tuck.

My incision does not hurt really at all but my ads above my belly button are sooooo tight!  Its very uncomfortable and almost restricting my breathing.

I feel better every hour and will post some pics in a couple of days.

Well today...I am moving around non-stop and feel...

Well today...I am moving around non-stop and feel great!  The only thing that sucks is not standing up straight.  I have a appt. on Wed. to get my drains removed....YEAH!  It will be nice to actually take a shower.  I did wash my hair today in the sink and then sat on the side of the tub and shaved my legs.  I want to tell everyone that this was not a bad surgrey at all...I had a great PS and trusted him and his staff.  I think the recovery is measured on your physical state prior to the surgrey.  I am really active and very healthy...I think that makes a difference.  I also followed the directions in detail.  I read every review on this site and prepared myself using every little bit of info that was shared. 

I will keep everyone updated!!  I also put up 2 pics from my 4 day mark.  I made sure that my garment and drains were in the pic because that was one image I did not have prior to the surgrey. 

Today I am at 1 week and everything is going good...

Today I am at 1 week and everything is going good.  I had my drains removed yesterday and WOW, not really painfull but it burns.  Actually seeing it...very disturbing and it looks like it should be very painful.  I got very hot and dizzy and thoght I was going to pass out...but I guess that is normal.  I posted some pics...the incision tape is off and I am very happy with the results.  I still have strech marks only because I had them above my belly button prior to surgrey.  I still can't stand up straight and you will notice in the pics, I am bent over.  On the close up pic, you will notice that I am streched so much that my skin above my incision has split.  Doc said its normal and it will close soon.  Another situation is that the pain medication has made me constipated and its extremely painful to go number 2.  If you are one that gets constipated easily I would start taking something for it because it hurt so bad I was crying and stuck in the bathroom for over about an hour!  I get my stitches out next Wed.  Will keep everyone updated and if anyone has any questions please put in the comment section below.

Well it has been almost 3 months and everything is...

Well it has been almost 3 months and everything is still good!  I still have swelling and the scar around my belly button is dark but I am very happy and loving my 2 piece swimsuit body!!!!  Here is updated photos.

Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

He is one of the best...his work shows it!

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hey, your tt looks great. I am scheduled for 11/16/10. What supplies do you recommend me getting. What should I where to the surgery center?
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It really was some of the best money I every spent. I am 7 days post op and I haven't touched a pain med in 4 days. Can't wait to get my drains taken out, really dying to take a shower. Honestly, the first day of surgery was the roughest. After that it gets easier. I got a breast aug with it too, and those are doing great too! Best of luck and wishes to everyone considering either one or both.
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Wow you look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your experience and photos! I am considering having a tummy tuck in January (waiting till Jan due to needing to have revisional surgery from breast lift and augmentation in June) Neways, I would only be able to take off 11 to 17 days. I thought this would be enough time but lately I've been reading how unbearable the pain is and how long recovery is. Reading your story gives me hope. =)
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I have been for my post op today and booked in to have surgery on 15th July. The only thing Im really nervous about is the after pain and discomfort I will experience. I also hope that it will be worth all the money ive just handed over.
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I forgot to mention the constipation. It drove me crazy. I was only able to go about 2x per week. Beside that, I was afraid to push for fear of popping my stitches. I still have a phobia of poppping stitches when I go. I usually put a bit of pressure against my tummy so that t doesn't push out. Thanks for sharing though. It feels good to kind of have a buddy!!!!
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In the back of my head, I kept fearing the worst...Even when I was laying on the table and the nurse just hooked me up to the anethesia...I still was freaking out inside...but i said to the nurse "is it normal to feal really scared" and then I woke up. It's just like that
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Actually...my doc told me I was not to take a shower until after the drains were removed. I believe its because of infection could get in the drain incisions. I used a rag and soap for my mid area and sat on the side of a tub for my lower half and had my husband wash my hair in the kitchen sink. Check with your doc before you hop in the shower. I got my drains out yesterday and I still was not aloud to take a shower until today. GOOD LUCK and stay in touch!
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hey..do you have any ideas on how to manuever the drains while in the shower???
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I had two drains and took a shower the next morning (by doc's orders). I took a shoe string and tied the drains around my neck while in the shower. It worked well. Good luck.
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Oh my gosh, you look wonderful. Your incision was super low. Your doc did a great job!!
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My after results look similar. I am 10 days post op. looks great good job. happy for ya :)

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I am scheduled to have a TT on 7/21/09. After so many years of thinking about it I am finally doing it. You look fantastic. I am scared about the anethesia and the pain afterwards. I don't think that will be enough for me to back out of this though. Wish me luck and I hope I look as good as you!!! :-)
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In the back of my head, I kept fearing the worst...Even when I was laying on the table and nurse just hooked me up to the anethesia...I still was freaking out inside...but i said to the nurse "is it normal to feal really scared" and then I woke up. It's just like that.
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Hi. So glad to see you don't have pain. Your experience seems to be the same as mine. Everything happens so fast. You do feel like you can't breathe very well due to how tight everything is. I am sure you will feel a little relief within a week. Every day just keeps getting better. Would love to see your after pics.
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Hi, your before pic is what i look like and i am anxious to see your post-op pics. Could you post them or email them to me? Thanks
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I added some pics! I will post more after I get my drains out tomm.
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