Gave Birth to Twins and Lost a Lot of Weight - Needed Tummy Tuck for Belly Pouch

Had a tummy tuck done, two days ago. Feeling a...

Had a tummy tuck done, two days ago. Feeling a little discomfort, and feeling very windy. Apart from that all is well. It is not a painful as I had imagined. I am swollen but can see improvement with my pouchy belly, as it is now flat.

I cannot wait for the next coming weeks to see the overall results.

Updated on July 19, 2009

I had a tummy tuck ten days ago. Generally I had very little pain, just discomfort. Of course there are moments when you feel a moment of pain, but it is certainly not as bad as I imagine. The real problem I feel, is after the operation, giving yourself time to heal, being bored and I mean seriously bored. Giving yourself time to heal and knowing that your tummy area is in a healing process and there are dos and donts.

Why did I do it. Well, I had twins 14 years ago, I had a huge pouch, in addition I had put on weight. In January this year I decided I wanted to change my body. I started watching what I ate and exercising and least 1.30 hours every day. It worked, I started losing weight but the more weight I lost the more my tummy pertruded out. My muscles were being toned out and I was getting lots of compliments. Although I was still 22lbs away from my ideal weight, being so 5ft 11inches tall, meant that I looked okay.

I knew that when I reached my ideal weight my tummy would still be a problem. I think that we are family who carries our weight around our tummy. I have four sisters who are all slight overweight, in the main around the tummy. So I knew this was the operation I had to do. Even though I have changed my eating habit and exercise is now definitely part of my life, I I had to get rid of the large bluging skin over my tummy.

I do not regret doing this operation at all. In fact immediately after the operation I look down and my tummy was gone. I also had lipo on my flanks, which went well. The stitch has dried up and it is just swollen and a bit sore. So all in all I am okayish.

Although I am feeling well overall. I noticed on my 9th day post op my stomach felt very wobbly and I had a different feeling. I then I noticed some sipage around my navel. I called the surgery and I was given an appointment the following morning. It turned out I had excess fluid and it had to be drained by needle. Once the excess fluid was taken out I felt wonderful and for the first time, saw my new figure in the making. I looked wonderful. I had no hanging skin over my tummy, no side lumps on my side. Although swollen I can see the best is yet to come. It really is a case of waiting.

My problem now, yesterday after drainage, the middle part of my wound (not navel) was bleeding. Last night when I went to bed it was 2 large coin size, this morning it is now 4 large coin size. The last sippage was much lighter in colour than the first, so I am not sure if it is fluid that needs to get out. I have called the surgery and I was told to rest and if bleeding persist to call so they can check it. I am not freaking out as I feel very well. I would like to know if this is part of the process and at what stage should I be worried. I do not want to be a Drs nightmare and rush to the surgery at a drop of a hat, especially as it cost me $100 for a taxi every trip. I would like to know if this is normal and at what stag should I get worried. I realise I healing right now and little sipping fliuds may be part of the process, but at what stage should I be worried.
How was the TT pain free? What kind of pain killers did they give you? When were you able to go back to care for your family and do chores, cooking, etc.
MYA (Make Yourself Beautiful) UK - Dr Shungchak

They have several offices over the UK. I find there service to be very good. There is a nurse on call 24hours. They contact the surgeon immediately if needed. You can also speak to the surgeon if you are very worried. They are always a call away.

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