Full Tummy Tuck - Very Disappointed

I am post op 12 days from a full tummy tuck. I am...

I am post op 12 days from a full tummy tuck. I am scared as it is not what I expected it to be. I still cannot stand up straight but hunched over a bit. My back hurts. I have extreme tightness at times in my stomach area that makes it difficult to walk, stand and sometimes breathe. I still have small bleedings from my incision. My belly button does not look as it should and my incision is lumpy. Is this normal?


I am doing well 4 weeks post op,but my main problem is the tightness. It feels like I am going to pop. I am lathering the moiturizer on. Anyone else have the tightness and how long will it last. I am able to walk and stand straight up, but it feels funny.
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Opps..I meant to say I do believe now that you really have to have patience... Be patient, if you have any doubts, see your PS. No questions is a stupid question...
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Well, I was scared and so I contacted my PS and he was able to squeeze me in to see him. When he saw how I looked he was actually pleased with the results. He was smiling like he was proud of his work. This made me feel alot better. He says that I may experience some bleeding from the stitches the first couple of weeks and that is normal as long as it's not heavy bleeding. As far as not walking straight, I should be able to. What he did was use one of his hand to hold my back and push me straight with his other hand. I dont know if I was just afraid to stand straight but I swear I tried so many times. But anyways, after he did that, I could walk straight now. I was afraid if I stretched too hard, I would bleed from the stitches or it may open up. Today however, I am standing straight, most of the time. The extreme tightness, he says I may experieice that for a few weeks because he pulled my muscle and skin tight. The belly button issue, he tells me it will look as it should in a few weeks. Lastly, the lumpiness of the stitches, he says that will take a around 3-4 months before it evens out. I am more positive today and feel so much better after seeing him. I hope all of this is true and am looking forward to the great results. I still cannot fit into any of my pre-surgery clothes but I am hoping to soon. Thanks for all the replies. Toothldy, it's true, surfing the internet is quite scary when you read all of these horror stories. I believe not that you really have to have patience.... Thanks.
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I am almsot 5 months post op after having a full...

I am almsot 5 months post op after having a full tummy tuck. There are some pros and then there are some cons. If you ask me if I would do it over again at this very moment, YES! But, few months ago, Definately NO.. I love the fact that my tummy is flat, but it's not flat enough. I still have some swelling in the lower part of my abdomen. I still feel the tightness at times, but I can now walk straight and my back feels much better. Sometimes my stomach sweels up so badly, like I was 3-4 months pregnant. Before surgery, I used to suck in my stomach all the time. I still do that now, believe it or not when I suck it in...my stomach does look flatter. I also feel this tinge of pain, just in one certatin spot....in my lower abdomen towards my pubic area. I spoke to my PS and he said it could be that I may have a hernia. I highly doubt it... It comes and goes.. Again, just a pinch a stabbing pain in one certain area. I'm wondering if he stitched a nerve. Also, sometimes when I sit for a while or walk around too much or after dancing, my stomach swells.. Everyone is telling me that I need to give it 6 months...well, one more month to go... I really do hope this is all worth it.. At the moment, I am happy the pouch I used to have is gone..

My scar is also not what I expected. On both sides of the scar towards the end, they both are not straight lines but more curved. I cannot find images or pictures of dog ears but I am wondering if that's what I have... When my stomach is at it's flatest, they kinda bulge on the sides...



Dont't worry about the tightness, i too did a full tt/tuck with muscle tightening. I was not able to stand straight until about four plus weeks, my stomach was so tight and swollen i thought i would pop, maybe that's the reason why i was afraid of standing. The incision line was very lumpy too. Now i am seven months post op. and the lines smooth out quiet nicely the swelling is gone i still have a bit of tightness but nothing to complain. Girl, hang in there it's very early you will get there. Good luck, keep me posted.

This is my 8 months post op full tummy tuck. I...

This is my 8 months post op full tummy tuck. I find out today that I will need corrective revision. I am very dissapointed in my results. I still look like I am 4 months pregnant. I still have to suck my stomach in. I shouldn't have to, I spent alot of money and I am not satisfied. I will not have to pay for his services but have to pay $1800 for facility fee and anesteologist. I really dont know if I should or not. My PS is not sure why my results are this way. He believes it may be my muscles. I was in so much pain and it was an aweful recovery. How safe is it to have a second full tummy tuck and will I experience the same about of pain??? Please help...


This Friday will be my 4 th wk as well. My pubic area incision looks like a white circle is that normal. Yea I think I'm scared to walk straight as well
Hi... I know some time has passed... but I was wondering if you could tell me if the lumpiness of the stitches went away. I am 7 weeks post op and Im a little scare that I just wont look as I thought I would. When I had my surgery I was on 137 pounds and it was all extra skin no fat on my belly but Im still swollen on the area between the belly bottom and my incision... did the same happened to you?
My PS had to redo a full tummy tuck on me again. He was not sure what happened but after 8 months of surgery, I still looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant. It has been 4 months since the second surgery. THe lumpiness of the stiches will go down... Even after my second surgery, I still have the same results as the first. I was told I will not get the result I want and it's due genetics or something like that. I was told to lose weight, that might help.. I am 4'10 and weigh 108 lbs.. I am not sure how much more weight I need to lose... Good luck..
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