Tummy Tuck Was a Success

Dr. P is an absolutely exceptional surgeon. He is...

Dr. P is an absolutely exceptional surgeon. He is understanding, compassionate, attentive, brilliant, honest, and above all, has earned the respect and confidence of his peers, staff and patients. His entire staff is wonderful.

My ratings and comments are a result of being a current patient. I was referred to him by one of my doctors and I researched everything I could about him. I literally carried his number with me for 2 years before I made the initial appointment. Once I had my preliminary consultation I was convinced that I had the made the right decision.

One surgery later, he didn't prove me wrong - HE IS THE BEST. Not only is he an artist, but the most kindhearted doctor I have met. Any surgery is a risk, however, plastic surgery is elective. So we elect to put ourselves in the best hands possible. I strongly urge anyone that is interested or just thinking about cosmetic surgery - contact my Dr. - you will be thankful you did.


I am considering having a TT and have read many post but nothing from late 2010 or early 2011. Does anyone have any feeback/experience on physicians/cost in the Naperville or Chicago Gold Coast area that are recent.
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Dear Chicago Mom: It's probably much too soon for a TT following your son's birth. Most doctors would recommend you wait until you have had all your kids before considering this surgery. After all, you don't want to go thru this procedure and get pregnant again and all stretched out, the surgery would have been for nothing. I searched far and wide for 2 years for the best doctor. His name is: Otto J. Placik, MD Associated Plastic Surgeons Arlington Heights, IL 847-398-1660 I just had the TT this time. In a few months I am having a breast reduction, then one more surgery after that. The cost will be determined at your consultation depending on how extensive of a TT it needs to be. I felt the cost to be extremely reasonable and he's worth every dime. I don't know where you live, but he's well worth the drive. I have recommended numerous people to him for various surgeries.
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Dear Candance, Glad you had a such a postive outcome from your TT! I am considering having one in Dec or Jan. Can you tell me approx total costs; was the price way out of line with hospital, etc. charges. I've heard good things about Dr. P, & would love to have him as my surgeon. I need a BL also!!! small world. LB
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. and his staff - the VERY BEST! I am so satisfied and will continue to be a patient.

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