Tummy Tuck After 2 C-sections - Stomach Muscle Spasms

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago. I did it because I...

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago. I did it because I had 2 c'-sections and I looked like i was 8 months pregnant after having my kids.

pros - stomach is flat and tightened

cons - scar is huge and spasms or as i like to call them "charlie horse cramps of the stomach"

The results are amazing in comparison to what it looked like before the surgery.

I can't do any sit-ups anymore because anytime I try to stimulate my ab muscles the begin to cramp "charlie horse style"were the muscles are cramped in such a way that they protrude out and it looks like I have rock in my stomach just like when you have a charlie horse cramp in you leg. It hurts immensely and all i could do is drop on the floor, bend my body and press as hard as I can on the spasming muscles in my stomach until it calms down.

Can anyone tell me please why this is happening to me? This has been going on for over a year and a half. I told the doctor about it and he said that it's normal and should go away with time. Is he right? will this go away? will i be able to do crunches again?
Scott Lessin

He was a good doctor overall.

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I had my TT Jan 10, 2014. The muscle spasms started within a week of surgery and the Dr couldn't tell me what was wrong. As the weeks passed the spasms worsened. Muscle relaxers, ibuprofen nor drinking extra water made them go away. I couldn't sleep because every movement brought on a spasm. I was becoming depressed after reading other complaints of the same thing that lasted years! I am happy to say that the spasms do not affect me anymore after month 2 post op. I can only say that I learned to notice when they were coming on and stopped them from becoming full blown spasms by pressing down on my stomach muscles or pulling in my muscles.
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Hi all, it is comforting to see others with the America issue but disheartening to hear the same responses of it will go away yet here we all are, my tt was a result of mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction,which leaves me with the same results as a tt. I now have more cancer in my abdomen but no where near these ridiculously painful spasms! I know now it's definitely from the surgery.. Mine also causes debilitating pain in my back, anyone else have back pain associated? One Advil will help me for about 5-6 hours but if I do not take the Advil continuously he spasms do not subside and I'm in debilitating pain constantly non stop. I am treating my cancer naturally but can't seem to find a way to stop these! Are we doomed to have these forever?
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I had my tummy tuck 6 yrs ago. I started having spasms/cramps immediately after my tt. They ended after several months and just recently started back up over 3 mos. ago. They have been 24/7. I have been hospitalized 2 x's in 3 mos. The dr's at first said it was IBS but I knew better. They don't start after I eat, they are constant...never letting up. I can't even walk for a small amount of time because the spasms get so bad. I am taking anti-spasmotics that do
not help at all. Can anyone please help me?
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I am 6 weeks post op and the tightness and spasams are awfull . the thought of having them for 4 years !!!!!! oh lord !!!! I was neaver told about that !! My bigist is on the right of my belly button help !!!!!
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I am just heading into week three post op, but the only time I get these cramps is when I am sleeping...on the verge of wakening they come on very quickly and always hit to the right of my belly button.
When they cut me open for the TT they found a hernia the size of a grapefruit.....this explained alot of things to me after they told me.
Happy with the results so far, just not these middle of the night spasms.
I have been taking 10/15 min walks and today started back on the eliptical trainer hoping maybe stretching things a little more may help ease these.
But by the sounds of the previous comments it sounds like it could be an issue.
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I've had this same issue, and it is getting worse with time. It's been 3 years since I had my tummy tuck. Love the results and would do it again in a heartbeat, but these spasms are very uncomfortable. If nothing else, I'm glad it's not just me!
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Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only person experiencing these cramps. It'll be 2 years in December (2010) and I love the results, my doctor is terrific, but the charlie horse cramps are awful. I've been having them all day today. I'm stopping by the doctor's office on my way home. Mine are just to the left of the naval. My scar is nearly invisible, and the results are amazing. Wouldn't trade it. Would do it again in a heartbeat...but you're right, the spasms are getting old!!! I notice it happens more right after I eat, but it's been all day today, even before I eat!! ARGH...enough!!!

I never did ask about resuming ab work...I just did. But my abs are rock hard all the way up...mine were all re-laced together and look great (especially at 60!!).

I'm going to get to the bottom of it today...I'm over it. I'll post tomorrow after I see the doc.
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Did your PS give you any answers about the cramps?
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Do u mind telling me who your surgeon was? I need a good one! Thanks!
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i think it's because they cut the abdominal muscles during the ab surgery and they stitch them together. do a google search and ask on the specific procedures done during the tt surgery. not all tt's involve cutting the muscles, but big tt's usually do. like any muscle, you may have to warm it up before you use it or it will cramp. try warm rice packs on it when it acts up. since it's been surgically cut, there's probably some scar tissue there and that usually gives a little discomfort when exercising if the surrounding tissue isn't warmed up. if your tummy is tight, you may not have to do ab exercises if your muscles have been stretched really taught by the surgery. every surgery is different and every body heals differently, so one person's solution may not help another. i hope this helps somewhat.
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I've had 4 c-sections and i have the same problem if i do sit ups or reverse crunches involving the lower abs i get the spasm. I get the same response it will go away but there has to be a way to alleviate it.
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I was so happy to find this post. I have the same problems with the cramps. In addition, I have unusual swelling just above the belly button to the degree that it's painful to wear a loose fitting skirt. At first I thought it was after eating but after monitoring for a long time now, it can happen at any time. It's extremely painful. Couple that with the cramps, there are times I'm in tears it's so bad. I'm hoping someone has another answer besides it will go away eventually. I'ts been 2 years and honestly my cramps are more severe now when they hit.
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Same symptoms here. May 17 will be 4 years since my surgery. I cant laugh hard, sneeze, turn in the slightest way that would strain that muscle. It's only 1 apparent muscle that has spasms but it IS immensley painful! I called my Dr. he said it will go away! I would love to know when because at times it wont go away for like 15-20 minutes. I asked about doing ab work at the gym and was told I didnt need to since I had a tummy tuck!?!?!? Irritating to say the least. I didnt have the tuck to take place of physical fitness, it was to rid of extra baby skin and stretch marks.
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Did you find an answer to this? Its been 4 years since I had my tummy tuck and the muscle spasms still happen all the time, especially after I work out. Heck i can sneeze and my stomach will cramp up so bad that I too have to push down on the golf ball size cramp to make it go away. gotta love the flat stomach, but the idea of having this cramping for the rest of my life really makes me think i shoulnt have had it after all!
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I had a tummy tuck about 4 yrs. ago and I've experienced the same thing. I gained some weight and it seems to be worst than before. It's a very scary feeling when my stomach tightens up. I am planning on calling my doctor since I started going back to the gym and it's happening more often. Let me know if you find out what the cause of this is. Thanks.
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