Too Many Chemical Peels, is It a Bad Thing? I've Had 3 Done in 3 Months.

I decided to have the chemical peel done because I...

I decided to have the chemical peel done because I was told by a medical spa it is a great procedure to do at my age (26) to improve my skin, making it firmer, correcting the pigmentation and improving wrinkles.

So, I have tried it 3 times in 3 months and this 3rd time, my skin feels like it burns a bit when I put moisturizing lotion on and my skin is peeling a ton now, more so than the other 2 times.

Is it bad to get too many chemical peels? I do feel like it is making my skin have a more natural glow to it and more radiance. That is about it though. Any suggestions or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I have been getting chemical peels for the past 3 months, once/month. I was given advice that it helps with skin elasticity, skin pigmentation and wrinkles. I am 26 years old by the way. I joined this 'chemical peel club' for 6 months to try it out. I'm wondering if that is too much for my skin to do this so often? I just had my 3rd one 3 days ago and today my skin is really red around my mouth area, is peeling a ton and I'm just curious if this just means it's working or if it's a sign that my skin has had too many chemicals on it??

Anytime your skin is turning red, then you need a prescription cortisone lotion or cream to calm it down so you can get the benefit of the chem peels without all the inflammation and downtime. This is why having your doc do the peels is so important. If no doc, then get otc hydrocortisone cream and use 3-4 times a day for a couple of days at least and avoid too much retinal creams until red is gone. Always use sunscreens and moisturizers as well. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD

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