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Great Results on Whole Face

I was very skeptical based on these reviews here....

I was very skeptical based on these reviews here. Went and had whole face done...after 1.5 months just awesome results!!!! compliments daily on how i look and people asking me what I had done. Can't wait for the next three months!

Dr Eric Seiger

Stacey did an awesome job..the staff really cares about you.

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i am trying to decide between thermage and an hour lift. i am really nervous about spending the money on thermage because it doesn't seem to receive good reviews, but dr. seiger is the very person that i consulted with so it is nice to see someone pleased with their results.
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Only $1500 for your whole face? That is a great deal! I only had half the left side of my face done (for a reason). Ever since, I have been getting compliments on my *hair,* which has not changed in the past 2 years. So I know it's the fresh look in my face that's getting noticed, but it's subtle so people just give the credit to my hairstyle instead.
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