Completely Satisifed--excellent Results (48 Y/o Male)

I'm so surprised there aren't more positive...

I'm so surprised there aren't more positive reviews of Thermage, and that's why I decided to come back to this site to leave my feedback.

I am a 48 year old male. I originally had Thermage done 5 years ago, and the technology has changed alot in those years. I recently had it done again because I was so happy with the original results.

Thermage is a fantastic non-invasive way of taking 5 years off your face in a short amount of time. I was happy the first time I had it done, and now I am even happier with the improvements to the technology.

I noticed in some of the unsatisfied reviews that they had the procedure done in a spa or laser therapy office. I think that's a BIG mistake. I went to a board-certified plastic surgeon with hundreds of hours experience on the Thermage machine. He could tell me about what results I could reasonably expect, but I believe that the real artistry of Thermage is in how exactly your PS does the procedure. They know which contours to work on to get maximum results.

I also understand that not everyone's face responds to Thermage. Mine did--you can pretty much tell right away whether it is working by they way your skin tightens as they work on specific areas. I think a good idea would be to set up a test area with your PS--maybe just the forehead, to see if it will work for you. If not, then you are only out a minimum amount of time and money.

I saw results immediately--I have relatively few wrinkles for my age but started to notice some slackening of the skin, especially around the eyes and jaw. After the Thermage, my skin was immediately tightened, but the real affect started a few days later, where I visably looked a few years younger. The full result starts to come as collagen is produced in the areas that were heated by the Thermage, but the tightened skin is such a bonus. The slackness of my skin has disappeared, and the skin around my eyes and jawline looks fantastic.

I hope you are able to get the same results as I did. I am completely happy with Thermage and would recommend it to anyone looking to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and take away some under-chin sagging. I think it was WELL worth the cost.


I think, given the surgical alternatives, that going with a Thermage treatment very few years is a practical maintenance plan. A lot of posters say the results don't last, but even if that's the case, if you only have to go for "maintenance" once in a while it's still better than invasive surgery that could end up giving you a totally unnatural appearance for a lot more money. I've had surgical procedures, and they do not last forever either! For example, an upper eyelift I had done in 1998 was great for about 7 years - now my eyes look much like they did before surgery. But I had a perfect procedure, recovery, and outcome at that time. I for one look forward to having another Thermage session to keep my face looking as fresh as it did after just one treatment.
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Hi, I'm on Long Island and would love to know what surgeon you went to, I too don't really want to go to one of those aesthetic places. Thx so much!!

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Dr. Waheed, South Shore Cosmetic Surgeons

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