Steroid Injection to Remove Scar Tissue

I had an injection of a steroid on a bump that I...

I had an injection of a steroid on a bump that I had on my forhead. The bump was scar tissue that had left an egg on my forhead so after the steroid injection, the bump went away but now I have a small dent in my forhead.

Is this dent going to start growing cells to pop back out a little or is this now permanent and if it will go back to normal, how long will it take?

The same exact thing just happened to me! Did you have it fixed?
I tend to avoid steroid injections as they are prone to "thin" soft-tissue and skin and can result in exactly what you have experienced. Have a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon look at the area. "Bump" can be a great many things from a hypertrophic scar, to a benign bone tumor called an osteoid osteoma that needs surgical resection and can be caused by trauma. As far as the depression, most-likely from steroid and might be best managed by a soft-tissue or fat transfer. See a surgeon and good luck! Dr. C
My experince is it will improve slightly not the discoloration if there is any... I am a RN seen this a few times. I would consultation with a few specialists to get info on what you can expect from surgery.
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no because, I am not sure if the dent is going to go away

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