TCA Peel for Tattoo Removal

I'm two days in to my TCA peel. I'm a student...

I'm two days in to my TCA peel. I'm a student going into nursing and I wanted to remove this huge rabbit that I got when I was 17, I'm 33 now.

I bought it on a popular biding site for $9.95. I used a paint brush to apply the solution. After 3 seconds it started to burn like crazy, I stood infront of the A/C to cool it off. I couldnt keep it on for the full 10 minutes.

The pain will be worth it if the tattoo comes off. So far its a brown bunny very burned. I'm apply ointment to it and thats about it ----I will keep you updated.


100% TCA Trichloroacetic Acid Skin Peel Tattoo Removal Blemish Remover Can i use no my tattoo eyebrow? Do i need to shave my eyebrow hair?
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Hello, I'm an nurse trained in TCA peels for skin rejuvenation and also tattoo removal. What strength did you use? 10 minutes on your skin before flushing w/ cool water & applying a cooling gel like a sunburn remedy. Who ever is giving you those instructions clearly does not know what they are doing. But I can say at day 3 your at the worst point and your skin should start healing...treat it like you would a severe sunburn, keeping it clean & moisturized. Do not pick at it or expose it to the sun until it is well healed. These treatments are typically done in a series...allowing for complete healing before attempting another session. Typically 35-40% TCA...but it depends on your skin and HOW you apply it..the more passes/wipes and the wetter you get your skin with the solution the deeper the peel will penetrate. Don't try to do it in 1'll end up scarring yourself (brown/red discoloration that may fade over time). Further do NOT use TCA crystals because those typically that come from overseas and may be industrial grade (which is used for cleaning metals) instead of medical reagent grade. I use TCA from EBay from Essential-Skin-Inc..the sellers gives printed instructions and also phone support. I have had great results with TCA to peel away discoloration to my skin...but I'm very conservative in how I use it!
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I need to clarify what I stated here: What I meant to say is leaving TCA on your skin for 10 minutes is too long! Especially if your finding it difficult to tolerate! I always say if it's getting too painful...start flushing the TCA residue off your skin with lots of cooling water, then apply a sunburn remedy containing aloe & lidocaine to sooth & cool the skin down. After that I like to apply hyaluronic cream that's been chilled in the refrigerator...feels so good on that tender skin and pushes water into the dermis! First is will turn red (after it frosts white..if it does frost may not & that's ok), then it will turn your skin bronze or brownish color and then will start to show signs of peeling...don't pick or try to pull off the dead shreds of peeling skin as you will end up with that skin and keep it covered and out of the sun for several months...use a high level sunscreen...allow it to heal thoroughly and when the skin is back to normal you can do another peel. Hope that helps you out there!
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