Full Face, Neck and Decolletage 20% TCA Peel

20% TCA, full face for acne scarring and poor...

20% TCA, full face for acne scarring and poor texture. It all happened pretty quickly... initially it was a mild stinging feeling, but quickly turned into major burning...fan did wonders!!

Updated on Oct 22, 2009
Had a 20% TCA full face, neck and decolletage peel on Tuesday (10/20). I just took this picture just a few minutes ago today (10/22) and i'm thinking the Dr. rushed through the application process and missed areas...does this look to be the case or is my look typical?

I had a full face, neck and decolletage 20% TCA...

I had a full face, neck and decolletage 20% TCA peel done on Tuesday (10/20) in a doctors office. The picture was taken a few minutes ago today (10/22). I have not started peeling, but from the feel of it, it could be soon. My chest and neck are still super red, but my face looks as though the tca wasn't applied evenly across the entire face...do you agree or is this "look" typical?
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Not sure yet if the peel was applied properly.

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Lower the TCA percentage next time.
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Just had my TCA 15% double layer peel applied two days ago on my neck for deep hyperpimentation due to cotact dermatitis. Today the area is really painful to touch and after a couple of months of lighter peels and microdermabrasion to prepare for this, I was still shocked at the appearance of my skin, (very dark and like leather). I have been assured that this is normal and I should see amazing results once the peeling starts. I sure hope so but I won't be doing this again!
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I have had chemical peels in the past, and it seems that the most sun damaged skin gets redder and lasts a bit longer, so don't worry, I am sure you will be fine, and happy after the peel is finished... Let us know.. Thanks
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How do you look now? I look similar to you 20 days past 30 % peel. Thanks.
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I have had two chemical peels and I looked horrible.....now I've got the skin of a baby.........Hope it works for you. Don't worry....
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wow your still pretty red for 2 days past peel. I did 18% (at home) about 4 days ago and I'm starting to peel. Your peel was probably applied correctly, I've noticed that it just works differently on different parts of the face. My nose and t-zone area don't get as red and they tend to peel days after the rest of my face because I am so oily there than the rest of my face.
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