TCA Cross Method 100% Concerns TCA Face Peel 25%

25% TCA peel went fine with no problems as yet,...

25% TCA peel went fine with no problems as yet, looking like sunburn the next day. I purchased the peel for better smoother skin and to rid of black heads and ice pick scars. Also purchased 100% TCA peel for tattoos that also went fine but was using this for the TCA cross method for ice pick acne scars which did'nt go so well.

Thought I was carrying out TCA Cross on some small ice pick acne scars when I have read back over the method i have done it completly wrong. I have been using a cotton bud on my neck area containing 100% that has left white blotches in the places where I have acne scars. After that I done a full TCA face peel of 25% which went fine I just now have some slight concern regarding the white raised areas. Is there anything I can be doing to help with the process. 12 hours from peel.

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For me as a fair skined person a 25% skin peel went perfectly fine with some redness the next day. I cannot comment as yet on the peeling process but can maybe give an update on here about the full outcome of my self treatment.

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where did you get 100percent cross?
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