Swelling in Bottom/middle Back After Liposuction

Im 9 days post liposuction surgery. I had my lower...

Im 9 days post liposuction surgery. I had my lower tummy, inner thighs, lovehandels done.The bottom/middle of my back is really swollen as is my lower tummy, i kinda look weird.

Its only been 9 days since surgery, i feel better this week, but dont look any different. Im very swollen, especially bottom back mid area, i thought i would have better shape.

When does the swelling go down, i really want to see my new shape? Can any please advise or has anyone experienced something similar?


Yea, its awful, i get married next May, so im hoping ill be "normal by then" I return to work on Monday next week, and im trying to find clothes to hide how swollen i am..I guess i will need to be patienced. Ive read alot of comments on this and everyone seems to on the same boat. I also had breast aug and im really happy with the results..
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Here's a related question that may help: Liposuction swelling

Swelling can last up to 6 months, according to most of the doctors in that thread.

Good luck with your recovery!

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Not sure if it was worth it yet, as it is early days

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